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myhken 02-08-2007 04:31 PM

SolarVPS vs EuroVPS - 1 month review
SolarVPS and EuroVPS Ė 1 month review

I signup for a VPS plan with SolarVPS and EuroVPS after I decided to move my sites from USA to Europe.

I have used dedicated servers over three years now, but I have tried different VPS solutions several times, but I always have gone back to a dedicated server, since Iím have not been happy with the VPS solutions.

This time, I changed my needs, so I did not need a very powerful VPS solution. This time I was out after price and location. My primary goal was to get a VPS in Europe. The secondary goal was to get a price who was around 50% lower then what I paid for my dedicated server.

One drawback with a VPS solution is the disk space. My personal photoalbum takes around 4 GB, and my websites takes around 6 GB total.

So no less then 10 GB was a demand.

After searching WHT I found only two VPS providers who I was willing to spend my money on; SolarVPS with their UK VPS plans, and EuroVPS.

I have used EuroVPS for a short time, around two years ago. So I was little unsure if I wanted to try them out. And their Windows VPS plans are expensive. But they had a good offer here on WHT, and I gave them a new change.

So here is my review of both of the VPS providers over:


From I signup and pressed pay, to my VPS was ready to use it took only 6 minutes.
I got a total of 6 mails with all the information I needed, and information when my VPS was started etc.
Had no problem accessing my VPS, and could start to create domains and use FTP etc.

With a WHT offer I got a VPS 250P plan, with 384 MB guaranteed RAM, 15 GB disk space, and 300 GB of monthly bandwidth. I also got 2 dedicated IPís and a Plesk unlimited pack. For this I pay around $50 per month (month to month pay)
Rate 08/10

Using the VPS:
This is a Linux based VPS plan, so I only use Plesk to manage my VPS. I have not seen any problems in Plesk, and all my domains started to work right away. Have not seen any problems with my FTP or network connection, and I have transferred around 6 GB of data to their server.

I have had only one ďproblemĒ since I signup, and that was not a real problem. I took a VZPP backup of my VPS right before I took a plesk backup (to my remote backup site). So when I checked the stats I saw that my VPS used around 12 GB of space.
I was not aware of Plesk storing the backup file on the local drive, to all of the backup was transferred. So I was contacted support, since I was sure of there was a problem with my VZPP backup and it using my main storage.

I got a reply after 2.42 hours. After that I have had no problems at all.

The server has a 100% uptime since I signup.

I was surprised when I got a phone call from Vasili at EuroVPS some days after signup. He did call since he remembered from last time, and that I had cancelled my server (almost two years ago). He asked if I was happy with their service up till now, and if there was something he could do for me.

I told him that all was good, and that I did not have any problems at all.

A nice little thing thatís give the hosting a personal touch.

Little long reply time on support ticket. But it was not a high priority issue. I do prefer Windows, so little less point there.

Very fast setup time. Very good uptime. Good personal touch from support/sale. Good price, not the best, but one of the better in Europe.


It took around 3 hours from I paid to my VPS was ready. But I got a problem, since the server was not ready when I got the mail after 3 hours.
I could not login to the server thru VZPP, http or Remote Desktop. I had to contact support, and they worked on the problem for 24 hours before I could use my VPS again.

So it was not a problem free signup/activation

Price specs
I got a WHT offer who gave me a Venus windows plan with Plesk 30 domains, 15 GB of disk space, 384 MB of guaranteed RAM, 300 GB bandwidth, and three dedicated IPís.

I pay around $52/mo for this (month to month payment)

Using the VPS
Since the VPS is a Windows 2003 server, I can manage more than on a Linux server. I can also use FTP clients etc, who make my day much better.

I had no problems transferring all my data to the server, but SolarVPS have slower connection then EuroVPS (from my server at LT)

After the main problem, I discovered that I had got a default Plesk license, but they fixed that problem within minutes.

After that, no big problems using the VPS

I have had some problems with my VPS. I have sent a total of 10 requests to support. 4 of the tickets are about high CPU load on the server. I have been told that at least two of the tickets were users who abused the server, and the users have been cancelled. On time there was an antivirus program on the server who uses all of the CPU. The last time, I did not get any info about what was using the CPU.

One good thing with SolarVPS: They do always reply back very fast on support tickets. On medium or high priority ticket most of the replies take 1-5 minutes.:agree: The longest are 14 minutes. And I have tried support on the weekend also, still the same fast reply. And thatís not all, they solve the problems fast also, so they donít give you a fast reply, but no solution on the problem, they give you both. So very good support

The uptime is only 99.482% so not very good compared with Eurovps. But they have had some offsite network problems (a fibercable was cut) so itís not all their fault. But the server have been taken down for reboot several times (because other vps have problems) My VPS has been down for a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Good and fast reply on support tickets. High priority ticket is replied on within minutes.

I will try both the VPS for at least one, maybe two month before I decide on one of them Up till now, I think Windows VPS still have more issues then a Linux based VPS, but Iím a windows man, and will always be a windows man. So I hope I can get the Windows VPS to work 100%.

I can update this thread with a two month mini review, if there are any changes.

SolarVPS 02-08-2007 07:24 PM

Very well thought out and presented. Your review of Solar VPS is honest and fair. I just wanted to provide some context here to the high CPU usage and and uptime.

First of all, the node you are on is running the latest version of Windows Virtuozzo 3.51 SP1. We've had some issues with this version of Virtuozzo due to the radical changes made to security and architecture of the the Firewall and Remote Desktop configuration within Windows Virtuozzo. We have been sorting these issues, which shouldnt have been issues in the first place, with SWsoft and have finally found a stable configuration. My only regret is that we did not have the time to see/sort these issues before customers went live on that node.

Secondly, the high CPU usage have been cause by 3 things. 1. a proxy server on another VE ( terminated as we dont allow proxy servers ). 2. a counter-strike server ( user was warned ). 3. Antivirus doing some heavy scans while sorting out security vulnerabilities in a few of the VEs on the node. The node is a Dual Opteron 244 and has about 12 accounts on it ( we consider it fully loaded ) so it should have no trouble handing the CPU tasks thrown at it, assuming those tasks are not abusive.

Thirdly, that uptime looks the way it does because Blue Square Data got hit with a fiber cut between London and Maidenhead. If you want more information about this, check out the following thread: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=581382

Blue Square has taken/is taking additional steps to keep this from happening again including adding Cogent as a backup. For a specific explanation, please read Matthew Munson's post ( from Poundhost at BSD ) here: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showpo...9&postcount=60

Thank you again for your well rounded review Kenneth. I just wanted to provide a bit of context and understanding to some of the issues you raised with the Solar VPS service.


Lafactory 02-20-2007 09:31 PM

I was quite happy with solarvps, even wrote an article about them in a french mag. now it's a nightmare. Not too much time to talk about it now because I spend a lot of time trying to install fantastico. why ? because they refused to do it for me, I paid for it, I have a managed server, but they don't want to do it because "it's a third part application they don't officially support". here they are the mails from russel, their new cto, harsh guy by the way.

1/ about cpanel who did not work anymore

I did check it and it works fine. This could be something from your ISP or a firewall that's preventing you to access the cPanel ports.

Best Regards,
Claudiu Muresan
yeah, that's a classic. so I asked him a screen cap.

Please find the attached screenshot of the lafactory.com cPanel (user: lafactor).

Best Regards,
Claudiu Muresan
and of course, at firt sight everyone could see my cpanel was screwed. everyone, but not their tech support
one day later, Russel at last fix cpanel/rvskin.
Could I ask you to check this now please as the test for rozange-consulting is loading ok after reinstall RVSkins
Best Regards,
<< Name removed >>
hey, it was not my ISP after all...

but fantastico is still missing. and he refused to re-install it.
"I understand that you are upset however we would ask that you maintain a professional tone when dealing with us as we do to you. Firstly Fantastico is a 3rd party application which we give a best effort support for only but the severity of this issue for us is low and it will be deal with as appropiate
Best Regards,
<< Name removed >>

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: TII-971874
Department: Level 3
Priority: Low
Status: Open
please remember I pay for fantastico (2.50/month), they take the money but don't support it !
and now his very last answer, a great moment, it's sooo easy to fix it by myself :
"SSH to your server(s) and enter following commands:
cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi
wget -N http://files.betaservant.com/files/f..._whm_admin.tgz
tar -xzpf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz
rm -rf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz

Goto WHM and follow the link WHM -> Add-Ons -> Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin in order to perform the installation

This will fix your issue
Best Regards,
<< Name removed >>
I am silly because I tried, and failed. I sent a mail, no answer. so go to solar vps, pay for cpanel, pay for fantastico, pay for managed server, but don't ask them what you paid for.
a few weeks ago they answered under five minutes. now two days, and do nothing at all but complaining about my tone. I know, I am a bad guy.

Jame$ 02-21-2007 09:08 AM

Good reviews by the OP, I think it's worth noting the huge difference in price as well, solarvps provides good value for money.

JayNL 02-21-2007 09:11 AM

So does EuroVPS, it's just costs more to host in The Netherlands and their specs are very good for the money. I had an unmanaged H-Sphere VPS with EuroVPS a while ago, but I guess I had to spend a few bucks more and get one of the VPS's TS bought.

Good, honest and throughout review, very well done.

SolarVPS 02-21-2007 12:27 PM

With regards to Lafactory's post. There was some miscommunication between Rus and the customer. Rus Foster is a valued member of the Solar VPS team and "Lafactory" is a valued Solar VPS customer. The problem with Lafactory's server has now been resolved.

With regards to Fantastico being 3rd party software. Fantastico itself is not 3rd party software, however, the software that Fantastico installs is 3rd party.

Thank you.

Lafactory 02-22-2007 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by Aaton35
With regards to Lafactory's post. There was some miscommunication between Rus and the customer. Rus Foster is a valued member of the Solar VPS team and "Lafactory" is a valued Solar VPS customer. The problem with Lafactory's server has now been resolved.

With regards to Fantastico being 3rd party software. Fantastico itself is not 3rd party software, however, the software that Fantastico installs is 3rd party.

Thank you.

Yes, the problem is fixed but it took 3 full days and Rus was wrong about Fantastico, saying it's a a 3rd party. no big deal and I don't even expect an apology. I just hope he will learn from his errors. in the first place, it took far too much time to fix cpanel.

best regards,

brokernet 02-22-2007 11:23 AM

I was looking to host with SolarVPS but 24hrs after posting a ticket (NLQ-780337) to sales, I'm still waiting for an answer .... is this normal ?

It seems that the Sales department at a lot of these companies have the slowest responses, which is odd because it only reflects badly on the entire operation.

SolarVPS 02-22-2007 12:37 PM

That is quite strange. We recently brought on some new hires and have some new names in our helpdesk so things have been hectic here. I respond to most of the sales tickets so it's possible I missed one. I will take a look at your ticket now.


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