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compunewz 11-18-2003 10:22 PM

Site "Fix Up" and slight makeover needed

Our website www.compunewz.com has various errors all over the place. The text shoots across the screen instead of staying in its panels in Mozilla and Safari, and the ads overlap the NY Times stuff, its a big mush. The navigation bar up at the top is hard to read, and the colors are iffy.

Other than that, the logo is good, and everything should remain the same. We use Fusion PHP to manage the news content, and that would require modification to change the table bg colors/etc. We use Dreamweaver templates, so we must get the finished work as a DWT, which means you only have to create one page as a DWT, then I can pop it through and update all pages.

I need this completed as soon as possible. Our budget is kind of tight, and we are offering like 40, 50$ US. There really isn't that much to be done.

Thanks for your interest,
Editor-in-Chief, www.CompuNewz.com
AIM :: dagwag77

TheOtherOne 11-18-2003 10:48 PM


watzing 11-19-2003 05:47 AM

yeh ill take a look at it :) email me watzing*at* dogomogo.*com*

Jeanco 11-19-2003 06:02 PM

PM me if you're still looking for someone. I can probably do it. I'll take a more detailed look into the site once I know you're still interested.

Have a good one :D

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