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jtan15 09-11-2000 06:00 PM


I would like to let everyone know about the JTAN (www.jtan.com) ProWeb account. The account features:

No set limits on Disk Space
10GB Data Transfer a Month
Additional POP3 Accounts, FTP Accounts, Autoresponders, Forwarders available free of charge
Unlimited Sub-Domains (automatic conversion)
Anonymous FTP
IRC Bots & Cron Access
FrontPage 2000 Extensions
Static IP Address

$22.99/mo paid yearly. No setup fee.

Please note we have a very flexible ProWebPlus account for $64/mo which contains all of these features and more. E-mail me at vince@jtan.com if you are interested, or visit http://www.jtan.com. Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!

kunal 09-12-2000 05:23 AM

Here we go again!! Another unlimited space host!! Cant they just get it into there heads??? There in nothing like "UNLIMITED SPACE"?????

jtan15 09-12-2000 07:14 AM

I've been in this discussion again, again, and again on this forum. It is a professional "courteous" we are offering to our clients. Yes, you are correct, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space. But we are offering "No set limits", meaning if you have a 100MB web site that you want to upload, you aren't limited. If you have a 1GB site that you want to upload, you aren't limited. If you want to upload 500MB of your web site a week, you aren't limited.

I please ask that you do not simply put the nametag of "Another unlimited host" on JTAN. JTAN has been in business for 9 years, and is a member of the BBB. I've only been working here since January, but it's really a great company. So please reconsider your standpoint, as it is unfair to be judged only because we don't like setting arbitrary limits. Thanks :)

kunal 09-12-2000 07:25 AM

I dun care wether you have been in business for the past 100yrs!! your site states unlimited space.

Anwyas.. what you are saying is that I can take regular back ups of my 20gb harddisk everyday?? So in abt a month that would make it approximately 600gb of data?? Is this allowed??

[Edited by kunal on 09-12-2000 at 07:28 AM]

jtan15 09-12-2000 07:45 AM


In a post a while back, SysAdmin gave a very good explanation of what we are offering:

It was like a warehouse store at the UK. After checking out your items, you were free to take as many boxes after the checkout line as you needed, but that didn't mean you could take the whole stack of them. It was offered as a courtesy to customers.

Technically speaking, you could make backups of your 20GB HD everyday. We would have to get some more hardrive space obviously, but if you let us know ahead of time, yes, you'd be able to.

But I'd really like to know why JTAN has to get thrown in with the slump of "sucky always tell everyone they suck" web host. It's kind of like giving business cards at your office desk (on a larger scale). You'd like for people to take one, or two or three and give them to some associates, but you don't really want everyone taking all three stacks.

All of our customers that we currently have have no problem with no limited disk space. We have a customer who is currently using 1.8GB.

So once again, I'd ask for you to reconsider your label on JTAN. It's not like we are scamming people. Do you know how many "unlimited" hosts are in the BBB? JTAN is.

Do you think it would be better to offer 50Megs of space and then charge everyone a $1 for every Meg after that? No, we give people however many MB or GBs they need, within reason. How come we can't do that without getting bashed?

Thanks for your time.

Coreace 09-12-2000 08:13 AM

Alright, it is not a "professional courteous" I am sorry Vincent but your claim is worth nothing. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why http://www.jtan.com/ still is "unknown" after 9 years of business?

cbaker17 09-12-2000 09:43 AM

Your both right on both accounts. There is no such thing as unlimited, there is obv. a limit on everything out there in the world. UNLIMTED is simply a term used in advertising to bring people in, Dial Up providers advertise unlimited connections but if you look in their contract it advises that you can not take adv. of this or you will lose your account. SO KUNAL you are right there is no such thing as unlimited, but my problem with what you have siad lies in 2 things:

1. You are not being professional by screaming at someone simply because you feel that something they are saying is misleading, I dont think they are purposly trying to mislead consumer, they just are appealing to what consumers want, and yes they do acually provide unlimited so called service, trust me Im sure one day all unlimited host with get that one customer who will take advantage of the service at that point they may or may not choose to revise their usag policys, but please in the future explain your side of something in a more professional way.

2. Just because not everyone has heard of JTAN does not mean they are a bad company. Often the smallest companys are the best as they take better care of their customers needs. It takes 2 things to make a company a name that everyone in the world has heard of: Money and Money. SMall companys have a limited advertising budget, and a limited staff, maybe their in the business to satisfy current customers, any company who grows too large and can not support current customers, or who loses touch in what really matters (the customers) is bound to fail.

THis is not meant to take sides with anyone, just a little bit of advice. I myself have not been in the field of E-Business for more than 3 years. But in those 3 years I have found out that customer satisfaction should always come above anything else. Because word of mouth spreads ext. fast.

kunal 09-12-2000 01:37 PM

well... I bet if i was to take a 100 of them, they would stop me! Agreed they would think I am nuts, but I dun care!

Misleading it misleading, wether purposly or not!

How are you so sure they provide unlimited space?

kunal 09-12-2000 01:45 PM

Also.. do you have a terms of service?? I cant seem to find one on the site... could you give me the link to it?

Also.. when i did a domain whois it says the domain name was created in 1996. And if my math is correct that is 4yrs?

[Edited by kunal on 09-12-2000 at 01:48 PM]

Chicken 09-12-2000 07:25 PM

You see that unlimited produces bad vibes. We all hate it and even if you (in theory) offer it, ouwld it be so hard as to say, "Web Package One: 2 Gigs HD space*"

*More space available upon request

I think that should cover just about anything and everything without sounding so errrr... unbelieveable.

Refrain from using the word "unlimited" anywhere on the site in fact. Who NEEDS "unlimited space" or "unlimited POP accounts" ??? Hotmail?

I think you can be overly generous, without being unrealistic. Your customers will appreciate it. I know that when I was looking for a host, if I saw *anything* like unlimted bandwidth or space, I moved on fast. 2 Gigs of space would catch my eye though :)

jtan15 09-12-2000 07:57 PM


Thanks for having that view point. I'll make sure to recommend your hosting service when the company I work for can't handle the needs. Thanks :)

Coreace & kunal,

Well, I am very sorry you still feel that way. Anyway, yes, the domain name was registered in 1996. JTAN used to go by the name "KD3BJ". It started as a local BBS. And actually, the owner is an engineer and designed and built the Velodrome used for the 1996 Olympics (for bicycling) in Atlanta. Check out the web page, there's some cool information about it. Anyway, yes, the domain name was registered in 1996 when shell accounts started to be offered. The ProWeb started in March 2000. So the ProWeb service is new, but the company is not.


Thank you very much for those suggestions. I will forward them to my boss. Thanks :)

CRego3D 09-12-2000 08:11 PM

Alright .. I finally got a place to backup my video drives everyday ... it's only about 200Gig's .. ;-)

Learner 09-12-2000 09:09 PM

just wish to point out that...
Vincent did state clearly, in his first post above at the top of this thread, that they are offering "no set limits" on disk space... but not "unlimited" data transfer.

So I don't really see JTAN as being unscrupulous. They are being quite fair and competitive. You may take all the space (as he explained with the analogy of the stacks of visiting cards in one of his posts above), but you still will have to pay for data transfer.

Also notice that JTAN expects to paid for a full year at a time. So on one side they are offering more disk space to attract customers, but on the other side they are offering less flexibility in terms of payment which will be a deterrent.

They believe that this is how they would like to target the competiton... and they have a right to believe that. I am sure they must have really pondered over this strategy of theirs carefully after adequate research.

Just because a webhosting company is offering a different kind of incentive, it shouldn't be immediately voiced as an unscrupulous business practice simply because it doesn't confirm to the industry's general norms of packages or services being offered.

In the end it isn't how much a webhosting company offers in terms of incentives or discounts in its rates... doing either to an extreme would simply be a stupid business strategy for the long term.

Quality service, effective marketing, reasonable packages and prices and fast support (in that order) are the factors that will make any webhosting company succeed in this industry.

And for those webhosting companies who don't succeed, when you analyze it down to the core reasons for their lack of success... you will realize that they hadn't paid the requisite attention to either one or more of the above factors.


[Edited by Learner on 09-12-2000 at 09:23 PM]

MichaelK 09-12-2000 10:49 PM

longer than usual
I am not trying to pick a fight, but would like to make an observation and follow-up with a question:

On 9/12 @ 7:14 AM the words "you aren't limited" appears within your post and you go on to explain that there are no limits.

@7:45 Am you post contains the phrase "within reason."

Now, while I wouldn't personally use the word 'unlimited' with my own service, you have every right to use it within yours. (There is an old saying: I don't agree with a word you say, but will fight for your right to say it.)

My question is this:

...within reason...

Whose "reason" is it? The client's or your's?

If it is the client's "reason" then it is truly unlimited.

However, if it is within your "reason" then you have just set a limit, thereby cancelling out your 'unlimited' claim.

Perhaps if you wish to use unlimited as a marketing tool, you should define whose 'reason' that 'unlimited' will be guided by.

I am not trying to start a discussion into the semantics of this. Nor am I trying to pick the fly sh*t out of the pepper. I am just trying to better understand the service you are offering and the underlying concepts behind it.

From what I see around here, resellers and hosts are like very good scientists...ignoring the superficial claims and researching down deep to explore the true meaning of any and all claims...and rightly so.

And a final thought, Learner kindly pointed out that while space is unlimited, bandwith is not.

As a fellow longstanding member of the BBB and a strong believer in fair business practice, is it fair to offer an unlimited amount of space and then smack an unsuspecting client with a massive bandwith bill? Yes, customers should research their business and should have a fair amount of knowledge before starting out on such a venture. But, you know as well as I do that that rarely happens (except for the users of WebHostingTalk!)

Perhaps a definiton, description and examples of bandwith usage would be in order to better educate the client to make an informed decision. I know that years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity and would have cried at the first bandwith bill...cause my first inkling would have probably been to do the video storage thing referenced in an earlier post :-)

Incidentally, what is your refund policy since you request annual pre-payment?

DONE! Thanks for reading this far. I look forward to your reply(ies).

Speedie 09-12-2000 11:21 PM

You had to know I'd stick my nose into this one... ;)

First of all I'm not surprised to see CBaker17 defending the "unlimited" offering since his own company does it at http://www.eazyaccess.com. Their idea of unlimited is subject to "terms and conditions over viewed in the usage policy" - that would be the usage policy that I have yet to find on their site.

Oddly enough, I can't find any terms and conditions or usage policy on http://www.jtan.com either. Hmmmm. Do I see a pattern developing here?

Unlimited means without limits. Period. Disk usage or data transfer are NEVER without limits or the host concerned would go out of business within a very short space of time. Simple economics lesson #648:

A 20GB H/D costs around $120 (cheap IDE drive). That's $6/GB purchase cost.
Data transfer costs from $3/GB upwards.

Offering TRULY unlimited amounts of these for a finite amount of money would result in a loss. That doesn't even take into account admin costs, server expenses etc etc.

One final nail in the coffin, and all "unlimited" hosts should take notice of this: At the start of 2000 I registered a complaint against a host (I cannot name them as the case is ongoing) with the BBB because their "unlimited" offering had limits set by the company and not disclosed in their terms and conditions. This was deemed to be an answerable case and the company is currently in talks with the BBB....

In short - you cannot economically offer an unlimited amount of any item which has a cost for a limited price. And since you can't offer it, for God's sake stop advertising it!! You make yourselves look stupid and bring the whole industry into disrepute.


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