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a.harris 07-17-2003 08:10 PM

[Amsterdam] - 700GB / 10MBit / 100MBit - Revolutionary Pricing!

1U Colcation @ 15 Monthly
2U Colocation @ 25 Monthly
4U Colocation @ 50 Monthly

Dedicated Server

2U AMD AthlonXP 2200+ , 512MB Ram , 60GB Harddrive @ 75* Setup - 75 Monthly

* - Free Setup with all 100MBit Unmetered Packages

Extra 512MB Ram Stick @ 75 Setup
Extra 60GB Harddrive @ 75 Setup

Bandwidth Fees:

700GB* @ 50 per Month
10MBit Unmetered @ 175 per Month (list price 1,350)^
100Mbit Unmetered @ 275 per Month (list price 8,000)^

* - On a Fully Burstable 100MBit port - Additional Bandwidth calculated @ 0,25 per GB (Minimum 50GB)
^ - Taken from current price list

The Location:

Redbus Interhouse (Netherlands) B.V.
Gyroscoopweg 2F
Amsterdam 1042 AB

The Bandwidth:

Current Direct Peers: Jointtransit & Openpeering
Future Direct Peers: UUnet (Estimated late-July / early-August)

Public Peers include Telia, Abovenet and Carrier1 through the AMS-IX and NL-IX.

Test IP:

The Service:

24/7 Free Reboots by the facility via E-Mail / Phone. You will be provided with your own unique box number to provide the datacentre staff with.

Free IPs upon request with valid justification (9 are included).

Free PTR (Reverse DNS) entry upon request.

For an additional 150 per Month you can receive our daily security bulletin as well as being able to contact us 24/7 for advise as to whether running certain programs (whether it be the physical software or the version of the software) will open up security holes in your system. We will provide alternative solutions should your chosen product be a serious threat to your system security.


This is not an instant setup offer. We currently have 1 machine available and shall have a further 5 of these machines online on Saturday 19th July. A live sales representative will provde you with updates throughout the day as to when the server will be ready (by ICQ/MSN/AIM/IRC).

*** Update ***
Delivery confirmed of a further 10 boxes by next Friday 25th July
*** End Update ***

Money Back Guarantee:

Should you be unhappy with the service after 1 week, a full refund will be provided should valid justification be given.

Payment Options:

Instant Payments: PayPal
Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express
Cash: Pay in at any UK HSBC Branch
Cheque: UK Citizens Only via Registered Post

Some Speed Tests:

Connecting to belnet.dl.sourceforge.net[]:80... connected.
100%[============================================================>] 5,973,728 5.92M/s ETA 00:00

Connecting to ftp.nl.freebsd.org[]:21... connected.
100%[============================================================>] 17,871,842 9.95M/s ETA 00:00

Example Packages:

1U Colocation
700GB Monthly Transfer
0 Setup - 65 Monthly
2U Colocation
10MBit Unmetered Connection
0 Setup - 200 Monthly
2U AMD AthlonXP 2200+ , 512MB Ram , 60GB Harddrive
700GB Monthly Transfer
75 Setup - 125 Monthly
2U AMD AthlonXP 2200+ , 512MB Ram , 60GB Harddrive
100MBit Unmetered Connection
0 Setup - 350 Monthly


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

Tazzman 07-17-2003 08:33 PM

Any chance of lower end packages for a fellow Dutch person?

Monthly costs aren't a problem, I just hate setup fees, no matter how small :P

a.harris 07-17-2003 08:38 PM

To remove the setup fee either requires removing 256MB Ram or spreading the cost over the first 3 months (ie. add 25 to each of the first 3 months). However this latter option binds you to our services for 3 months,


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

BiGWill 07-17-2003 09:45 PM

How many boxes share a 10, and how many a 100mbit pipe, on your unmetered packages?

... these prices are just too good to be true!

a-m 07-18-2003 04:16 AM

the 700 gigs, i assume that is on the 100mbit burstable?

thereflex 07-18-2003 04:27 AM

Is this an FDC style service where they say you can get 100mbit burstable but in reality only get 4 mbit or lower! ?

Or are you providing the full 100mbit throughput ?

a.harris 07-18-2003 05:09 AM

1) It is 1 per 10Mbit and 1 per 100Mbit. We purchase the amount of BW that we sell, in other words X times the number patched into the 100MBit switch + X times the number patched into the 10MBit switch.

2) Yes, 700GB is on 100MBit burstable.

3) No this is not an FDC style service, you will be able to reach 100MBit 24/7 should you want to.


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

cybotix 07-18-2003 08:02 AM

could you please provide a file to test download speed? tia

a.harris 07-18-2003 08:25 AM

ftp://wht:temp@ (5MB)
ftp://wht:temp@ (10MB)
ftp://wht:temp@ (15MB)


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

s.h.a.zz.y 07-18-2003 09:30 AM

24/pence per mbit I dont think so...

Care to explain?

a.harris 07-18-2003 09:38 AM

I am afraid it is confidential how we are able to afford such drastic pricing,


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

BiGWill 07-18-2003 09:39 AM

wow... what a speed!

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 0.129 ms 0.111 ms 0.038 ms
2 intergenia.D-5-eth000-105.de.lambdanet.net ( 9.076 ms 10.920 ms 0.805 ms
3 D-2-pos020-0.de.lambdanet.net ( 7.582 ms 9.956 ms 9.887 ms
4 TE2-1-pos130.nl.lambdanet.net ( 10.281 ms 10.330 ms 9.535 ms
5 sara.openpeering.nl ( 9.861 ms 10.050 ms 9.492 ms
6 openpeering.colinks.nl ( 9.921 ms 9.947 ms 10.032 ms
7 ( 11.303 ms 9.860 ms 9.661 ms

15:38:44 (2.80 MB/s) - `largedownload.me.1' saved [15672228]

a.harris 07-18-2003 09:43 AM

So that people know, that is from PlusServer in Germany correct?


Adam Harris
iNetgroup Ltd.

BiGWill 07-18-2003 09:44 AM

I guess they'r running pretty much everything through peering, as peering is (mostly) free... that's probably the secret.

If you do understand a bit of Dutch, take a look at this Service of ISP-Planet.nl

They'r pretty much offering a server for 500 per month with unmetered bandwidth on a feth port, using all of their peers at AMS-IX.

BiGWill 07-18-2003 09:44 AM

Yep, that's from a sister-company of Plusserver in Germany... Server4free.de

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