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Raul2k 07-08-2000 07:59 PM

I have about 5-10 domains I want to host. Of course, I don't want to pay for each one. I see other dedicated hosting plans, but I think they are a little too much for what I need. I just need around 400MB with about 15GB of data transfer. All would have subdomains, 10+ FTP Accounts, telnet access, CGI/PHP support, and atleast 15 POP3 accounts per domain. Maybe with root access.
If anyone could help me, please do . Thank you VERY much and would really appreciate your help and support.

Raul Gonzalez http://www.wrestlinggamer.com

webfors 07-09-2000 09:38 PM

Hi Raul,

if you don't want to go with a dedicated solution than you might start looking for someone to share a dedicated server with. Prices are pretty reasonable and the good thing is that it's scalable, which means that if you all of a sudden need to host 10 more domains than you won't have to look for another solution. You can just add them to your dedicated server.

If you search around you can find a reasonable dedicated server solution.

As for actual webhosting companies, I don't know who to recommend for your needs.

"I AM!"

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