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HostGamma 02-13-2012 02:22 AM

China invoicing solutions for foreign web hosts
Do you have a growing customer base in mainland China? Do your Chinese clients/prospects have difficulties paying you through Paypal or credit cards? We can help. Through Sinoinvoicing you can offer a local Chinese bank account for your Chinese customers to pay to in Chinese Yuans (RMB). We can also provide them with the official tax receipt (fapiao) which is required for business expenditures in China.

Discounted charges for web hosts is 6.5% of received amount all-inclusive (vs 8~9% for other customers). Payout is done in US Dollars within 3 business days by Paypal or wire transfer. We should be able to offer a prepaid debit card (MasterCard) option within a near future.

The minimum billed amount for this service is RMB1,000 (USD158) so this is more suitable for dedicated server providers or VPS/shared hosting clients paying yearly. For clients paying smaller amounts you can also advise them to keep the excess fund as credit with you.

For more details, please visit www.sinoinvoicing.com

We are posting this on behalf of an affiliated company to us. Please do not email or PM me for information. If you are interested please submit an inquiry through the website directly or send an email to the address listed on the website.

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