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JRSEOMarketing 12-12-2011 01:12 AM

350 relevant backlinks plus all pinged for only $6
Background: My marketing company opened up its doors in May 2011 with 25+ years of combined marketing experience between my partner and I. From day one we have been a successful and profitable company. We are working with multi-million dollar companies, to people who only pay $10/mo. We'd love to be able to market for your website.

Offer: We will run our budget package (usually $10/mo) and create your website and/or inner webpage at least 350 relevant backlinks. Relevant backlinks? This means each backlink we create will be relevant to any keyword phrase you give us. If your selling a "widget" the backlink will come from a page that the content is all about widgets.

Plus.. we will run all backlinks through Linklicious.me and Lindexed for free. No additional payment will be required.

I have setup an exclusive payment just for WHT member which is https://www.jrseomarketing.com/billi...?pid=91&skip=1

*Plus as an added bonus* - We can send your twitter account 2,000 followers or 800 FaceBook Fan Page likes for only $12.00 extra. That option is located on the form as an add-on. You may also contact me at jalexander@jrseomarketing.com for more information.

philip rozario 12-18-2011 01:55 PM

well that's a very nice offer. the offer is very convenient from the customer perspective but from the service provider perspective doesn't it seems a bit low priced? however you have that competitive advantage.

JRSEOMarketing 02-11-2012 02:56 PM

Since we had quite a lot of people from WHT click on the link and purchase, we are extending this offer to February 25th. Thanks to everyone who left positive feedback :)

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