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Grid computing has been around for awhile now, but not until recently has it become a hit within the web hosting industry. Simply put, grid hosting is not tied to a single server's processing power; instead, the hosting account resides on a linked grid of servers harnessing the resource pool of several servers. Last month, we saw companies like Media Temple, Rackspace and ServerPath unveil their grid hosting offerings.

These happenings foreshadowed changes to come -- the web hosting industry is growing from a sapling to a lush, verdant tree with many branches.

Ahmad Permessur
- Newsletter Editor

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Here's what's up this month:

Web Hosting: A Market for Lemons
Explore the claim that web hosting service is a 'market for lemons' - a market where the seller knows more than the buyer does. This is an excellent article on the hosting industry from an economic perspective.
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Guide to Domain Reselling
Domain reselling can be tough, but if you do it right, it can certainly be worth it. In this guide, Douglas Hannah reviews several registrars and their reseller plans.
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Loss Leading - Dangerous for Web Hosts
Loss leading is not a new phenomenon. This article discusses the practice of selling products at a loss to attract new customers in hopes they will purchase full-priced products in the future.
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System Downtime Explained
Downtime can disrupt your business and your customers and damage your company’s reputation. But how do you prevent or minimize downtime? Can a server monitoring service help? Find out more in this article.
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