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Hello Web Hosting Talk Members!

As you'll notice, we've redesigned the newsletter to focus more on the great discussions happening inside our community at Web Hosting Talk. We hope you like the new layout. As always, you're welcome to post your feedback in our forum.

I don't know about you, but where I live, the weather's been rather hectic of late. It reminds me of WHT in that it's generally quite mild, but then there are times when it heats up and spawns large, aggressive storms full of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning.

We see this happen in the hosting industry as well. Things are generally calm. But something always happens that reminds us that we're all human. Web hosting is humans serving humans. And, since humans are driven by emotions, trying times can be difficult for both consumers and providers.

Companies, large and small, are subject to turbulent moments in time. The last couple of weeks have been no exception. We've seen two large notable providers being discussed for starkly different reasons. For those who weren't involved in those discussions, we've included links to those threads in our Notable Threads table below.

We hope you enjoy this first version of our new layout. Thanks for helping make Web Hosting Talk the great community it is.

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Here are a few of the great things the community at Web Hosting Talk is talking about this week... 

 Voice hosting market: Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble
In our Specialty Hosting and Markets forum, TalonKarrde asks members for advice on different voice software platforms, their pros and cons, and a newer offering: Mumble. Check out what the community has to say. Read more »


 Want to get on the first page of search engines
In SEO / SEM Discussions, member Dan B wants to learn how to get his sites ranked at the top of Google and Yahoo. Who doesn't? Our community chimes in with some recommendations for SEO consulting, and dispels some bad advice. Read more »


 Colocation is too expensive
Lexington vents frustration with colocation expenses in our Colocation and Data Center Discussion forum. Our members try to figure out ways to cut expenses, including bandwidth and server rental. Read more »


 The Planet's downtime
In our Managed Hosting and Services forum, The Web Hosting Talk community gets to the bottom of provider The Planet's downtime in this epic thread in Network Outages and Updates. THRMan gets the ball rolling in a 100+ page thread. Read more »


 Price increases at Layered Tech
In the Dedicated Server Forum, The community vets announced price increases by dedicated hosting provider Layered Tech, including its impact on existing hosting customers. Read more »


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Web Hosting News

  iWeb Group garners Profit Magazine recognition

  Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition upgraded

  Cirtex assists China's earthquake rescue and recovery

  STRATO selects Parallels to power Oracle offering

  EXIST and Gogax enter into merger

  The Planet unveils June promotions

  BlackMesh welcomed by R1Soft Hosting Partner Program

  ActiveHost deploys Parallels for Windows virtualization

  Future Hosting expands VPS service globally


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