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March 18th, 2009   

Hello fellow WHTers!

There's not always an ending.

Dennis Johnson (aka SoftWareRevue)

From hearing the resounding *WHAP* came the realization that something had struck the large picture window where my granddaughter, Anna, had been watching Saturday morning television. I had paid it no mind, as I was working at my desktop and have a habit of blocking out noises and movements when I'm doing so. I did however notice Anna as she was walking past with her jacket on. I asked her where she was going. She looked at me with the puzzled face that 11 year olds can put on and said, "I have to see if that bird is OK". At first I thought it was a piece of bark or someone tossing a stone that hit the window, but there's a bird on its back. And I have to see if I can help it.

Me, the pessimist I sometimes am, tells her that she should consider leaving it alone and letting mother nature take its course. She gave me that look again and said, "I have to see if there's something I can do". "OK" said I, "Touch it and see if it tries to get away". She gently approaches the bird as its eyes are open and staring blankly. With quiet abandon, she extends her finger and brushes the top of its head. Anna seemed sorrowful as the bird still lay motionless. So I suggested that she place the bird on the table out back with the bird feeder on it so that any neighborhood cats would be discouraged.

As evening approached and the bird showed little sign of recovery, my wife helped Anna build a bed for it in an old cat carrier we had. A few phone calls assured us that Morning Doves can sometimes take over 24 hours to recover from such a shock. So overnight accommodations seemed appropriate. Still the pessimist inside thought that this bird had no chance. Yet morning showed some improvement.

Are you looking for the end of the story? There is none. Lovey Dovey (Yes, it has a name now) is still recuperating. We've upgraded it to a larger cage; are supplying food and water. And we're waiting for the day to watch it fly away.

My granddaughter did remind me an important attribute though. Be supportive in other's misfortunes and vigilant in your own.

Not all stories have an immediate ending. There's no easy solution at times. And the outcome is often unknown. Our first featured thread is example of a member needing help for a specific issue, yet there's no specific answer - yet.

Thanks for listening. And I'll see you on the forums!

Dennis Johnson (aka SoftWareRevue)
iNET Community Coordinator

Got suggestions? Send me an e-email:
[email protected]

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Addon domains are domains that use the same web hosting account and resources (disk space, bandwidth, databases) as another domain. They typically point to a directory of the main website but are their own sites. They don't have their own control panel, but they have their own site stats and FTP manager. Site visitors and search engines can't detect if a website is the main site or an addon domain for an account.

Some web hosts include unlimited addon domains with their account packages, some include a set number (perhaps only one), some have fees per addon domain, and some don't include addon domains at all.

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Dennis Johnson (aka SoftWareRevue) SoftWareRevue
iNET Community Coordinator
Member since 2001
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In this issue...

There's not always an ending.

A lifeboat for turbulent economic waters.

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