While You’re in San Diego: With the Kids

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Each year many hosting and cloud professionals attending HostingCon build a family vacation around the conference. San Diego is perfect for families. It has great weather, it is easy to get around on foot, by public transit, or by car, and it has a terrific selection of unique attractions which will actually be fun for both children and parents.

The first of the city’s attractions to mention for families is the San Diego Zoo. Since it’s already been covered in the blog, we’ll just review the basics. It is huge, and is considered one of the top zoos not just in America but in the world. It is about 4 miles from the HostingCon at the San Diego Convention Center, and the official hotel.



Also in San Diego is a museum dedicated to the mad genius behind Looney Tunes, Chuck Jones. While parents likely feel nostalgia for Bugs, Tweety, or another of Jones’ classic characters, even children who are less familiar with them can enjoy watching the latest Acme product backfire, and learn about cartooning.

Some kids will be interested in the USS Midway naval museum, some in LEGOLAND California, and there is also the New Children’s Museum, the amusement park at Belmont Park and the Birch Aquarium.

Add in a trip or two to San Diego’s beaches, and a food truck experience, and you’re sure to have a fun and memorable vacation for the whole family. Register today and bring everyone to San Diego for HostingCon Global 2015.

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