Website Builder Tools: A New Revenue Channel

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Online website builder tools make creating a website possible without the need to resort to manual coding. It’s as simple as drag-and-drop and you can choose from hundreds of existing templates to create your own, personalized website. Consider the value to your customers if you are a service provider. How can your customers benefit by having access to a powerful website builder?

Some of your customers may be experienced web designers and web developers, but what about the rest of your customers who want to get their website online quickly? What about customers who know nothing about HTML, PHP, MySQL? Why not give your customers an opportunity to create a website fast, that’s mobile friendly too?

For web hosting providers, integrating a website builder into your services can be an effective way to add value to your plans, set yourself apart from your competitors, and maximize your revenue. At HostingCon 2013, you can meet with companies that offer powerful, yet easy to use website builders and discuss their products, your services, and potential partnerships.

Why partner with a website builder company?

A website builder is a valuable tool for your customers. If you are a web hosting provider, you can easily integrate a website builder with your existing services and give customers a quick and easy way to create their own website. Offer a website builder free as an incentive to sign up for your services, or make it an optional value-add service for an additional fee.

Having a convenient website building tool available means your customers can create their own websites fast. You can even offer to design websites for your customers, adding even more value to your services. With a partnership, the possibilities are endless.

You also save money when you partner with a website builder company. Let the website builder company do all the development, coding, and testing while you focus on providing the best hosting service to your customers. Development time and resources can be expensive. Partnering with the right website builder company can prove to be very lucrative.

Your customers demand an easy solution. Give it to them with the website builder product and service that works best for your business model. Start by developing a partnership with the company that will deliver the features and tools your customers need.

Website builder partners at HostingCon 2013

HostingCon 2013 has already attracted a wide range of professionals from the web hosting and web design industry, including several exhibitors who provide what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) web design platforms.

BaseKit ( offers a stylish web design tool that delivers results you would expect to see from an expensive web designer. You can choose from more than 200 templates, which can all be customized with pixel-perfect manipulation and integration for ecommerce and social media, as well as a mobile website builder. By partnering with BaseKit, you can configure packages to your own specifications with their low cost of entry. Plus get access to BaseKit’s API, along with multiple integration options including on-premise, SaaS, and Parallels APS.

If you are looking for a website builder for mobile website development, DudaMobile ( offers a web-based design system tailored specifically to mobile devices. The mobile web is becoming increasingly important, and DudaMobile makes it easy to build a website optimized for smaller displays. If you choose to partner with DudaMobile, you can access a white label version of the design tool under your own brand name. DudaMobile has already partnered with names you may be familiar with including GoDaddy and Google.

Stop by and speak with BaseKit or the dudes at DudaMobile and see how your company can benefit by establishing a partnership. Make sure you register now for HostingCon 2013 today while the rates are still low.

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