Web Hosting Firm, Network Redux, Selected for Instant Action 3D Game Platform

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Portland, Oregon – (The Hosting News) – March 3, 2009 – Managed hosting services firm, Network Redux LLC, has been chosen to host the Garage Games’  InstantAction 3D game platform.

InstantAction enables game developers and publishers to put their games online, so that players can simply log on through their web browser and start or join a game. The games are streaming and require no client software downloads. InstantAction can support complete versions of just about any full-scale, high quality game. Currently InstantAction provides nine free games for users to play. Game sessions have unique URLs, which means players can rejoin sessions from any browser in any location.

Thomas Brenneke, President of Network Redux remarked, ”Hosting the InstantAction platform requires a large array of managed services,dedicated servers, load balancers, virtualized environments and continuous data protection are just a handful of the core components we provide this platform.  High availability is also paramount, where technologies such as VRRP, link aggregation and data replication play a significant role in the network we have designed.”

Network Redux operates two secure data centers where it deploys and manages its own vendor-certified hardware, currently specified as: Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers with 8×2.5Ghz Xeon (E5405) quad cores, 32GB Memory, 6×450GB SAS-15K RAID-10 storage (hot swappable), and dual redundant hot swappable power supplies.

Connectivity is through tw telecom, Level 3 Communications and Integra Telecom, using the BGP4 routing protocol to provide redundancy between the three primary upstream providers.

Network Redux is a developer-focused provider of managed Linux hosting solutions, with primary operations in Portland, OR.

For information about InstantAction please visit: www.instantaction.com

To learn more about GarageGames, please visit: www.garagegames.com

For more about Network Redux, please visit: www.networkredux.com

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