Top Three Things about Cloud Hosting

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Even today when “Cloud” has become a familiar terminology by its extensive marketing & overuse, most of experienced IT people wonder what exactly “Cloud” is for them & how is it going to benefit them in day to day business functions. Cloud is often misunderstood & misinterpreted by most of the vendors as “The Future” no matter what their perspective is. Over promotion of the cloud tainted the message to many real world techies & IT Management. Cloud thing had become big but unclear thing for IT heads / directors, system admins & SMEs.

Let’s highlight most important 3 things that every business owner should know before hosting in the cloud. Here is the gist of what the cloud is for your business!

1. What exactly “Cloud” means & how Cloud Hosting benefits your business?

Cloud Server Hosting in non-technical language is cluster of number of connected servers & web hosting service provided through this cloud is “Cloud Hosting”.

Cloud Hosting is basically subscription based server virtualization where payment is either a flat fee for a limited resources or a custom fee per resources you want to use per hour such as memory, network, storage or CPU. You get all the control to manage your website & administration is done through the vendor’s web site.

Cloud Hosting is similar to regular web hosting & often considered as form of infrastructure-encapsulation and abstraction. Perhaps it might be easier to think of it as “hardware-as-a-service”.  Additionally, specific features are portrayed to provide the overview of the performance and cost (generally called utilization statistics).

2. Understand your hosting needs  –  choosing Cloud Hosting Company

Most important is understand your hosting needs, such as memory or disk space, bandwidth, processing power etc. In addition to these basic attributes, you must know the type of site/s you are going to build. There are number of cloud hosting providers with various offerings, so you should be able to choose a perfect match for your business.

Equally it is essential to choose right vendor while hosting in cloud. You also need to confirm connection speed, server resource restriction etc from your vendor. Vendor should provide required solutions rather than a standardized resource access. Service should be flexible enough to use required resources & pay only for what you used plus a better uptime! Cloud being a web service, security issue could be handled by the user & should not be blamed on vendor. You get full control of your website & administration is done by the vendor at his site.

3. Is it “The future” for your business?

If this question is scratching your brains & you are thinking to chase the vendors, go ahead & find a good package for yourself. The answer to this question is “Yes” or at least it should be. Clouds Offer Guaranteed Service Levels and there would be some handsome long term benefits involved if you opt for a right vendor.

Cloud Hosting is going to be one of the best solutions for your websites if you are using multiple domains. It provides good scalability, better uptime & gives reliable bandwidth to handle traffic spikes. Servers can be deployed instantly & you can easily increase or decrease resources without moving sites to other servers. Undoubtedly it is going to be the future for your website needs.

To sum up, cloud is a win for all kind of small, medium & large enterprises. It is not only for large businesses but also for all sized enterprises who want to take benefits of cloud & its raining resources. So go ahead & add cloud to your resume!

Author: Priya Khopade

Source: Top Three Things about Cloud Hosting

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