TIME 3 Incorporated Offers Privacy Solution

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(The Hosting News) – US start-up company TIME3 Inc. has reached agreement to commercialize the Total Information Management Environment (cubed) “TIME3″ – a revolutionary framework that radically alters the paradigms underlying the World Wide Web. Online security, privacy, control, and efficiency are all at your fingertips with the TIME3 internet software solution.

TIME3 addresses the fundamental design flaws of the Web, including identity theft, e-Commerce fraud, privacy concerns, piracy issues, misuse of social networking, spam emailing and malicious viruses; that currently consumers have no option but to tolerate.

TIME3 achieves this by wrapping a protective layer (“Wrapper”) around the Cloud (content, information,applications and services) and providing a simple, secure, fast, relevant and integrated user interface that only talks to this Wrapper. TIME3 does not replace the Cloud, but provides this Wrapper to ensure the consumer is totally protected by providing them with a single, controlled entry point to the web. In effect TIME3 transforms the way people access and use the web by creating this controlled connection for each validated individual, through which they set their parameters for privacy and access to the Cloud.

The World Wide Web was never designed for the commercial applications and uses now being attempted. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are attempting to apply fixes and enhancements to address issues such as privacy, but they are just “band-aids” on a essentially flawed system.

TIME3 is a fundamental shift in the way you engage with the Cloud and as such is a dramatically different approach. TIME3 has been designed from scratch, with a commercial development approach that changes the underlying paradigms. Its unique 3-party Relationship Security model permeates the core technologies and begins with s SSL connection between the user interface and the Wrapper.

Key features of TIME3 come from each individual, business or other organization being uniquely validated ensuring they are identified throughout the framework. This validation of an entity enables core functions within TIME3 such as: secure access to the Cloud, eliminating the need for multiple login’s and passwords to each service; trusted communications eliminating spam, viruses and unrequested advertising; integrated functionality like Location Based Services providing a simple way for services to be enriched; data modifications needing to be approved by all relevant parties reducing the capability of fraud; and the removal of piracy through inherent Digital Rights Management. These are just some of the features of the TIME3 framework making the difference between this approach and the band-aids of the current technologies glaringly apparent.

TIME3 is not just a secure framework for the current Cloud technologies. It is also able to integrate legacy applications and non-web enabled applications, making this system just as relevant for businesses wanting to migrate in-house software into a Cloud.

TIME 3 Inc. is currently in discussion with a number of parties to secure country licensees to bring this product to the global market. For more information please visit http://www.Time3.org.

Source: TIME 3 Incorporated Offers Privacy Solution

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