VisualShare Selects ClearDATA Cloud

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(The Hosting News) – ClearDATA, the leading healthcare cloud computing platform and service provider, today announced that VisualShare, an imaging informatics company and leading provider of image exchange, management and collaboration solutions, has selected the ClearDATA HealthDATA™ Cloud Computing Platform for HIPAA compliant hosting of its line of VisualStrata™ Healthcare Information Technology Solutions. ClearDATA will host both the image management software and corresponding medical images.

VisualShare solutions for Opthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology, and Life Sciences provide unique Saas Based, medical imaging management solutions for both DICOM and non-DICOM images that facilitates multi-disciplinary team (MDT) care for organizations that need to collaborate over images, conduct reviews and document results.

“ClearDATA is an excellent and best-of-breed cloud hosting provider for the healthcare industry, and ideal partner for VisualShare. Their HealthDATA Cloud Platform enables us to provide enhanced benefits to our customers while reducing their overall IT costs,” said Patricia Goede, President & CEO of VisualShare. “We selected ClearDATA because of its exclusive focus on healthcare and in-depth experience with IT, privacy and security, and regulatory requirements.”

“VisualShare is highly regarded for its well established medical imaging management solutions, along with their reputation for exemplary customer service. We are truly honored to have been selected as their cloud hosting partner,” said David Bean, executive vice president of sales and marketing, ClearDATA Networks, Inc. “Managing, sharing, storing, and archiving medical images is an important and rapidly expanding area within healthcare, and our HIPAA compliant cloud platform provides significant cost savings benefits, as well as increased security and accessibility for this specialty.”

VisualShare will host the following products in the ClearDATA HealthDATA Image & VNA:
1.)    VisualStrata™ Image Collaboration for MDT in Pathology-Radiology-Oncology
2.)    VisualStrata™ Life Sciences Image Collaboration and Communications
3.)    TeleCAM™ Telehealth Solutions for Child Maltreatment

ClearDATA is 100% focused on providing healthcare cloud computing services to the healthcare industry. Its team of cloud computing healthcare IT experts help providers in small, medium, and large healthcare organizations achieve, reduce IT costs, improve reliability, , and ensure high levels of security and regulatory compliance.

About VisualShare

VisualShare is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s software solutions, products, and framework are designed for organizations that need to share images, conduct reviews and document results. Its products provide unique, Saas Based, medical imaging management solutions for both DICOM and non-DICOM images that facilitates multi-disciplinary medical team care. VisualShare provides value by enabling multi-specialty image collaboration to facilitate peer to peer review, patient case coordination and documentation in order to improve outcomes for patients, physicians and payer networks.

VisualShare has exclusively licensed from the University of Utah, the founders’ patents of the conceptual framework that forms the underlying IP. Under the license, the company retains all rights to the technology derivatives developed by VisualShare. For more information, email: info(at)VisualShare(dot)com, call: (801) 521-0257, or visit:

About ClearDATA

ClearDATA Networks, Inc. is the market leader for healthcare cloud computing and information security services for healthcare providers, software vendors and VARs, and 100% dedicated to the healthcare field. ClearDATA’s HealthDATA Suite of Cloud Computing Solutions enable providers to fully automate, protect, and securely manage healthcare medical records, applications, IT infrastructure and digital storage. The company provides HITECH HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting of infrastructure with managed services, offsite backup and disaster recovery, medical image backup and VNA, healthcare information security and world-class support. For more information, call 602-635-4000, email: sales@) or visit:

VisualShare Selects ClearDATA Cloud

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