(The Hosting News) – A major botnet network recently faced a blow at the hands of a polish registry. According to a report from ZDNet.com on Monday, NASK seized a number of domains related to the Virut botnet.

During its course of operation, Virut has reportedly infected around 300 thousand computer systems.

23 domains made vulnerable by the virus were in the mix. However, what may be most important is the closure of two command and control servers coordinating the platform.

Security firm Symantec detailed Virtus, most recently noting it was using a variant of another botnet called Waladec.

“W32.Virut opens a back door that allows a remote attacker to perform operations on the compromised computer. The back door operates by way of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with communication encrypted both ways. The back door allows the remote attacker to address compromised computers individually or as a group.,” described security firm Symantec regarding the botnet.

The virus, meanwhile, has accumulated large funds for those administering it. According to Niebezpiecznik, a Polish blog, it had brought in around $1 million zloty, Poland’s currency.

Botnets operate via vast networks of compromised computer systems, commonly launching things DDoS attacks to bring down affected websites.

Virut Botnet Weaked by Domain Shutdowns

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