Verne Global Selects Colt to Expand Capacity

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(The Hosting News) – Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, today announced that Verne Global, a developer of power conscious data centre campuses, has selected Colt’s ftec data centre for an expansion of its 100 percent dual-sourced, renewable energy facility in Keflavik, Iceland. As more governments, private companies and public organisations look for ways to minimize their power consumption and carbon footprint, the additional Colt ftec data centre space will enable Verne Global to continue to meet increasing demand for more energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable data centre solutions.

Fabricated at Colt’s manufacturing facility in Northern England, the data centre modules will be shipped to Iceland in May and assembled onsite ready to go live in Q3.

“As cloud, mobile and big data applications drive organisations to look for cutting edge solutions for their data storage needs, interest in our Icelandic facility continues to gain momentum and we find ourselves needing to expand our current footprint,” said Jeff Monroe, CEO for Verne Global. “Our partnership with Colt allows for flexible and rapid expansion of our business with a superior product that meets our specific requirements.”

“By putting flexibility right at the heart of our data centres both in the design phase and throughout the life cycle, we achieve market-leading cost savings for customers in terms of energy efficiency and an unrivalled time to market of less than four months,” said Guy Ruddock, Vice President of Design and Delivery for Colt. “In the case of Verne Global’s campus, we’ve specifically customised our design to fully harness Iceland’s fresh air cooling which is available 365 days a year. This, coupled with the unique 100 percent renewable, dual sourced power supplying the data centre hall, provides industry leading efficiency and reliability.”

Ruddock adds: “In many respects, our approach can be likened to purchasing a new computer. Once we determine the user’s exact requirements, we build a tailored solution based on a combination of standardised architecture, proven modular components and options for dynamic scalability in terms of space, cooling and power requirements. The result is a data centre that matches or exceeds the durability and quality standards of a traditional build but is ready for work in a fraction of the time.”

Verne Global’s data centre campus is strategically located so its customers benefit from Iceland’s unique power sources of 100 percent geothermal and hydroelectric power. The Colt ftec data centre is built in a modular way with steel frame and the use of standardised, right-sized components minimises waste and makes the data centre layout as efficient as possible. The materials used in the data centre can be recycled at end of life.

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Verne Global Selects Colt to Expand Capacity

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