THN-Suspect Arrested in Web’s ‘Largest DDoS Attack’

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(The Hosting News) – A suspect has been taken into custody in what many have described as the “largest DDoS attack in Internet history.”

According to a report from Krebs on Security, the Public Prosecutor Service in the Netherlands has announced the arrest of a 35-year-old simply identified as “SK.”

SK, however, is largely thought to be Sven Kamphuis, employee of controversial web host CyberBunker.

Last month’s DDoS incident was so large, it slowed down the internet and was said to have accounted for 300 gigabits per second, according to CNET.

The attack went against anti-spam firm Spamhaus which had added CyberBunker to its blocklists. Many believe the incident was coordinated by the web host in retaliation.

Meanwhile, a New York Times report noted Kamphuis had once referred to himself as “minister of telecommunications and foreign affairs for the Republic of CyberBunker.” Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Suspect Arrested in Web’s ‘Largest DDoS Attack’

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