Serguei Beloussov on Parallels’ Latest

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(The Hosting News) – We recently had the chance to catch up with Parallels Chairman and Founder Serguei Beloussov at the company’s annual conference, this year held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are some takeaways regarding the company’s latest announcements:

On Automation 5.5’s UI improvements:

Beloussov noted the most important thing about Automation 5.5 is APS 2.0 – something the company announced alongside the offering. The latest sees the offering evolving from what Beloussov described as “system management” towards a platform combining a variety of service components which can serve small businesses. One of the big UI improvements includes unification between different control panels – also making the UI more usable.

On customization options in APS 2.0:

Beloussov explained that it was important for small businesses to have cloud services as an integrated solution – something that’s usable but also offers configuration. Version 2.0 allows the user to create different configuration screens but also keep a singular experience. Also available is single-sign on, something that allows the administrator to log in and then access the available components.

On the transition from virtualization to Parallels Cloud Server:

“It’s just an upgrade,” explained Beloussov. Full integration provides for user simplicity.

On the fast adoption rate of Plesk 11:

Beloussov noted that historically, latest versions had been used alongside several other versions of Plesk. However, with version 11, the vast majority of the install base had transferred over – something that industry insiders were quite excited about.  The chairman noted that Version 11 is far faster but the reason behind the fast adoption mainly appears to be related to functionality.

On web app growth VS. web hosting growth:

Beloussov talked about how hosting was primarily perceived as simply web hosting in the past. However, he noted cloud was changing the perception as more and more small businesses now expected to have everything in the cloud.

On where Parallels 2014 will be held next year:

Beloussov signaled it’d probably return to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Serguei Beloussov on Parallels’ Latest

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