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Today’s featured article is a mashup of all the interesting stuff happening in Internet land that this writer could locate (and deemed worthy of such a prestigious honor).

Amazon’s Quest for Web Names Draws Foes
Amazon is angling for control over the .book, .read, .author and various other TLDs; apparently not everyone is happy about it:
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‘SimCity’ studio: Server woes ‘almost behind us’
All I can think of is that story about Mark Zuckerberg demanding that Facebook NEVER go down for fear of losing all their users.. I wonder if online gamers stop playing entirely when they can’t access their character:
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And, speaking of Facebook:
Facebook App developers are weary of rapidly changing social media landscape
Not the greatest article (apologies to the writer, but hey, you know it’s true.. you wrote it!), but interesting extrapolations can be made.
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-David Lindahl, filling in for Keith Duncan temporarily.

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