ITX Design Launches Redesigned Website

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(The Hosting News) – ITX Design (, a leading provider of hosting, dedicated servers, custom website design, hybrid hosting, and other digital products, announced late Friday the official launch of its redesigned website. The comprehensive redesign marks the first major overhaul in six years, and with easy to find information on services, the new website showcases ITX Design’s quality and commitment to customers.

“It’s been more than eight years since we had a redesign of this scale,” says Doug Davis, CEO and Founder of ITX Design. “As we began the process, we thought about what customers really wanted from a modern website, and how we could reflect our commitment. Our new website is focused on giving customers a place to learn about the various services we offer and combine them together to create customized plans.”

With a clean, organized structure, the new ITX Design website is easier to navigate than the previous version. Visitors can now explore the full variety of services available, and then dive deeper into more detailed information on the benefits and technical features of each service offered.

Several pages are even accompanied by video content that explains key aspects of the ITX Design service. With the new website, customers can get a better understanding of the cloud, custom design services, dedicated servers, and how they can come together to create the ideal platform for the customer.

“We launched the new ITX Design website just in time for HostingCon, and these events are a great way for us to keep on top of the industry,” says Davis. “As we engaged with other hosts and businesses this year, we found out that demand for hybrid services in particular has never been higher, but customers need the ability to configure their own hybrid plan. Our new website offers detailed information and precise data about what we do, but most importantly, it gives visitors a better understanding of our services and the confidence to design their own custom solution.”

Once customers are ready to build the combination of services that they need, ITX Design has the ideal tools for the job. Once a product has been added, it can be configured using simple sliders for hardware resources along with toggles for additional services. In addition, ITX Design makes it easy to customize features and see approximate pricing.

“The consensus is that our new website is easier to use as customers can build their own plans and see pricing instantly,” says ITX Design CEO Davis. “It makes the complex process of designing your infrastructure more convenient, without compromising on functionality. We are working 24/7/365 to help customers and to make their lives easier. Now more than ever, our new website puts that into practice.”

After more than six years without a redesign, the new ITX Design website marks a significant new era for this consistently growing hosting provider. By going deeper than a cosmetic improvement, the website shows customers that this is a company committed to being helpful.

Customers interested in exploring the new ITX Design website are encouraged to visit

ITX Design Launches Redesigned Website

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