i2Coalition Signs Letter Urging Transparency

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(The Hosting News) – The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) today joined other leaders from a wide spectrum of industries in signing a letter to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and other leaders in government.  The letter urges greater transparency in national security-related requests by the US government to Internet, telephone, and web-based service providers for information about their users and subscribers.  The full text of the letter can be found by clicking here, and an excerpt and the full list of companies and groups that signed can be found below.

“First, the US government should ensure that those companies who are entrusted with the privacy and security of their users’ data are allowed to regularly report statistics reflecting:

• The number of government requests for information about their users made under specific legal authorities such as Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, the various National Security Letter (NSL) statutes, and others;

• The number of individuals, accounts, or devices for which information was requested under each authority; and

• The number of requests under each authority that sought communications content, basic subscriber information, and/or other information.

Second, the government should also augment the annual reporting that is already required by statute by issuing its own regular “transparency report” providing the same information: the total number of requests under specific authorities for specific types of data, and the number of individuals affected by each.

As an initial step, we request that the Department of Justice, on behalf of the relevant executive branch agencies, agree that Internet, telephone, and web-based service providers may publish specific numbers regarding government requests authorized under specific national security authorities, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the NSL statutes. We further urge Congress to pass legislation requiring comprehensive transparency reporting by the federal government and clearly allowing for transparency reporting by companies without requiring companies to first seek permission from the government or the FISA Court.



Apple   Inc.


CREDO Mobile



















Nonprofit Organizations & Trade Associations


American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression

American Civil Liberties Union

American Library Association

American Society of News Editors

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Coalition Against Censorship

New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute


Project On Government Oversight

Public Knowledge

Reporters Committee for Freedom of The Press

Reporters Without Borders


Wikimedia Foundation

World Press Freedom Committee

Americans for Tax Reform

Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School

Center for Democracy & Technology

Center for Effective Government

Committee to Protect Journalists

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Computer & Communications Industry Association

The Constitution Project

Demand Progress

Electronic Frontier Foundation

First Amendment Coalition

Foundation for Innovation and Internet Freedom

Freedom to Read Foundation


Global  Network Initiative


Human Rights Watch

Internet Association

Internet Infrastructure Coalition

Liberty Coalition3


Boston Common Asset Management

Domini Social Investments

F&C Asset Management Plc

New Atlantic Ventures

Union Square  Ventures

Y Combinator

About i2Coalition

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) supports those who build the nuts and bolts of the Internet, and we treat it like the noble profession that it is. We believe the continued growth of the Internet is vital for growing an environment of innovation and seek to engage in ways to foster success of the Internet and Internet infrastructure industry. We seek to influence decision makers to weigh decisions on whether they are good or bad for the Internet economy and its foundational industries. In short, we seek to foster growth within the Internet infrastructure industry by driving others to harness the Internet’s full potential.  To learn more about i2Coalition, visit www.i2Coalition.com.

i2Coalition Signs Letter Urging Transparency

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