“Facebook Graph Search” Great Tool for Businesses

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(The Hosting News) – Facebook Graph Search was initially rolled out to a small number of beta-testers, and has now been made publicly available on all English language versions of the popular website. The new feature, which allows fine-grain searches for friends, pictures, and pages, is meant to let users find things more efficiently in the vast network of Facebook. Denae Olberding, a social media expert, says that the feature is also a powerful new tool for businesses.

With Graph Search, users can start with a general search string and then highly customize what they are looking for: pictures of a certain place during a certain date range, for example, or results from pages that their friends have “liked.” This means that local, relevant information can easily be located.

Olberding, who runs social media and publicity for Atlanta-based SEO company Everspark Interactive,says the tool can do much more when applied for business purposes – such as identify how many people are talking about a business and what they’re saying.

“Imagine if you search only for posts about your store, and then hone it down by date,” Olberding said. “You could easily see how many people are talking about it before and after a promotion. You could even see if people post pictures of themselves there.”

Olberding is quick to point out that users can use privacy settings to control whether or not their content appears in Graph searches. That limits the results a business can find, but she says businesses still have far more information at their disposal.

“It used to be you only knew what users thought of your business when they actively engaged with you,” she said. “Now you can run searches on all public content to find out how you’re mentioned and even what your customers are like.”

“It all depends on how smart your search strings are.”

About Everspark:

Everspark Interactive is an Atlanta SEO company and internet marketing firm. With a handpicked team of the brightest marketing minds in the country, Everspark creates gripping, engaging content that drives web traffic – and dominates search engines. They can be reached at (770) 481-1766 or eversparkinteractive.com.

“Facebook Graph Search” Great Tool for Businesses

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