THN-DDoS Leads to Outage for Web Host Webdrive

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(The Hosting News) – A DDoS attack against a prominent New Zealand website recently downed the operations of web host Webdrive, according to a report from The National Business Review on Wednesday.

Webdrive wouldn’t disclose the affected online presence in question aside from saying it was “high profile.”

Service reportedly remained down for a little over an hour. On Monday, Webdrive issued a statement, saying, “Whilst we are still investigating the issue at this stage it appears one of our customer platforms was attacked by a significant DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This saturated our border routers, making our network inaccessible. The attack was large enough to also impact upstream providers.”

According to The National Business Review, just some of the customers of the web host include Air New Zealand, Auckland Council, Yellow, ACC and BNZ.

Aside from web hosting, Webdrive provides services like SSL certificates, reseller domains, cloud servers and more.

Source: DDoS Leads to Outage for Web Host Webdrive

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