THN-Aria Systems Adds Deployment Options

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(The Hosting News) – Aria Systems, experts in cloud-based subscription billing, today announced three deployment options for enterprises requiring greater performance and increased control of their data and datacenters.Options include 1). Multi-tenancy – standard SaaS; data on secure, shared servers 2). Private Database – data located on secure, dedicated servers – for companies who want greater capacities for higher performance during spikes and peaks 3). Private Appliance – data, infrastructure, and processing on private, dedicated appliance; no shared components – for companies who desire complete control over their data or datacenter.

All of Aria Systems’ customers enjoy the state-of-the-art security that comes with today’s enterprise-grade SaaS software solutions. However, Aria Systems’ customer service team listened to customers asking for greater control and higher performance for their datacenters and Aria responded by offering the Private Database or Private Appliance options.

“These additional options are especially significant for large enterprises who own their own datacenters,” said Oleg Ganopolskiy, Vice President of Production Operations, Aria Systems. “Like Aria’s ‘Live Release’ capability, Aria’s ‘Private Database and Appliance’ deployment option is unique to Aria among cloud-based billing system providers.”

Now enterprises can enjoy the widest set of deployment options available from a cloud-based subscription billing provider.


Aria Systems delivers the full power of subscription commerce to transform business by creating new revenue opportunities, improving customer relationships and providing more business predictability. The Aria Subscription Billing and Management Platform was chosen by brand name companies such as Pitney Bowes, Experian, AAA NCNU, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, EMC, VMware, and HootSuite to evolve their subscription businesses while delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Take a look at the new Recurring Revenue video where Aria’s CEO, Tom Dibble, talks about growing recurring revenue streams, or download the Maximizing Revenues through Customer Subscription Processes whitepaper. Visit or call 1-877-755-2370.

Source: Aria Systems Adds Deployment Options

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