Web Hosting Talk Insider – The mouse is in the house!

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The mouse is in the house!
We’re a little late with this edition of the WHT Insider. But ya’ll know I can be a little slow from time to time. Actually, we had some big going’s on last week that included the entire weekend, so I ended up needing a couple days off this week to recuperate. Of course, one of those days was newsletter day.

iNET Interactive held its 6th annual Community Leadership Conference this past weekend. It’s a busy time for me, and I look forward to the experience every year since we first started it in 2007. It’s a special time to get together with volunteers and share ideas and insights. But we do tend to focus a bit on having a good time. It’s great connecting with the communities that make up iNET Interactive. Learning what works for one community often gives another ideas on how that, or something similar, can work for theirs. We also highlight some moderator best practices that we’ve learned through years of effective moderating. And everyone walks away with a better understanding of each other, each other’s community, and how we’re all a part of the iNET Interactive suite of communities……..(Read More…)

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