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HostingCon has opened the call for speakers for its 11th annual hosting and cloud conference in San Diego from July 26-28. The deadline for speaker submissions is February 28, 2015.

Each year HostingCon works closely with an advisory board to identify thought leaders in the industry, emerging trends, and new technologies.

Here are are a few tips to move your proposal to the top of our submission pile!


Be Early

  • The earlier the submission the better the chance of being chosen. When we see an amazing session idea we often lock it in. As the schedule fills, less spots remain for last minute submissions.


Be Educational

  • No product pitches. This is one of the main distinctions of HostingCon over other industry conferences. Attendees are there to learn, not get another sales pitch (that is what your booth and networking time is for).
  • Feel free to include examples from your company/product or case studies. The presentation should be applicable to the broad tracks of sales/marketing, issues/trends, technology and management, and not be brand-specific.
  • If your topic is very technical let us see that you are the one that can explain it so that attendees grasp the concept. We’re looking for the expert that not only knows the topic inside and out, but also can help other people easily understand and learn it.


Be Clear

HC Euorpe

  • Identify and define your intended topic. Create a catchy title that captures the essence of the presentation.
  • Why is your proposed topic relevant? What valuable piece of information can you give the attendees that will have them beating down the door to see your presentation? What do you have to offer that is unique and unlike anything else they’ve heard?
  • Write a compelling description for your session that answers the questions above; it should be something that makes people want to attend your session more than any other.
  • Make your submission easy to read. Keep in mind that we get a lot of them and often will read many at the same time. Submissions that are not clearly written are more likely to be passed over.


Be Current

  • It’s possible that what’s current and relevant when you send your submission may not be when the conference begins in eight months. Describe how the topic can still be relevant in a changing environment. Are you willing to learn/modify/change the presentation as needed to match the evolution of the topic?


Be Bold

  • Think outside the box. You can submit more than one idea for a presentation so consider making one of them something surprising and new. Is there a facet of one of the tracks the industry isn’t taking notice of but should?


Be Engaging

  • The best speakers engage and include their audience. They are dynamic and thought provoking. The process of submitting a proposal is an opportunity to hone your skills and become a better speaker. Tape yourself. Critique. Where can you improve? Go back to the drawing board. Practice. Tape again. Would you attend the session you just watched? Check out resources to improve your public speaking skills.
  • Consider sending a URL to previous presentations you’ve given. If you’re a great speaker and we can see you in action your submission is much more likely to be selected. Even if you just upload a video showcasing your skills in a practice situation or in a company meeting, it gives us a better idea of what you might be like on stage.


Be Relevant and Passionate

  • In most jobs, there is at least something that excites or interests you. Whatever that is would be a great place to start for your presentation. The more excited you are about your topic the easier it is to create excitement and maintain audience attention.
  • Your topic should be relevant to attendees.


Please share this post with your colleagues and industry contacts. We’re looking forward to hearing about your ideas for HostingCon 2015!


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