The Benefits of Being Unbiased

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The first HostingCon was way way back in 2004, when 2015 Platinum Sponsor Symantec was a big deal, and website spending was on the rise. Change has obviously been a constant since then, with cloud, mobile, and open-source receiving scarcely a mention at what was then, in 2004, a truly cutting-edge event. Since then, HostingCon has added numerous features and opportunities to network, learn, and make deals.

Networking efforts within the industry have produced more successful conferences as the industry has grown. Most of those conferences, however, are focused on a particular aspect, technology, or even company.

Many of those conferences are valuable gathering points for the industry, in particular for those who work directly with the related aspect, technology, or company. Having a focus is great, but HostingCon is the one opportunity to learn from and build relationships with people and companies from across every area of the industry.


Several seemingly unlikely partnerships this year highlight the necessity of keeping tabs on what not just your friends, but also your rivals are doing. The Microsoft-Dropbox collaboration announced this past fall makes sense to end users, but was not widely predicted. Being unbiased also allows for changes over time, such as the gradual change in perception of Amazon among many hosts, from monolith to opportunity.

The HostingCon Global 2015 program continues to rollout with the announcement of Lance Crosby as keynote speaker, and more announcements will follow here soon. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the early bird rate for this uniquely unbiased industry conference and tradeshow. Check the schedule, download the brochure, and block out July 27th to 29th to spend in San Diego!

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