Terran Marketing Purchases WebSiteHosting.com

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(The Hosting News) – The bar has been raised for the most expensive domain name purchase in 2011. Terran Marketing has purchased websitehosting.com from a private seller for $190,000. Their CEO, Michael Jackness was quoted as saying, “Website Hosting was a multi-billion dollar industry in 2010 and we expect that to see continued growth in 2011″.

So what are the plans for this new domain purchase? Terran Marketing stays that they want to create a diverse tool for the web hosting industry with news, articles, videos and more. They also will offer web hosting company reviews and will allow web host ranking as well.

The company, Terran Marketing, is a young one. However, even though they were only formed in 2010 they boast over 15 years of combined affiliate marketing experience. They have either purchased or have started several other websites having to do with WordPress, RV, health and travel so they have a good track record for building up successful brands.

When going into detail about why the domain was purchased, Michael Jackness goes into more detail on his personal blog. Search volume, keywords, the fact that web hosting pays high commissions, high PPC bids and more all seem to have gone into play to help them decide this was a domain they wanted to invest money into.

The website has already seen a little design work, as Terran Marketing has started to post a few news articles and posted a notice saying that the website is under construction. At this time, they are looking to launch the new website March 1, 2011.

Although we are not too far into 2011 just yet, it will be interesting to see what domain purchase (if any) will exceed the $190,000 price tag that was one websitehosting.com.

Source: Terran Marketing Purchases WebSiteHosting.com

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