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( – Rexer Analytics has just released the complete results of the Fourth Annual Rexer Data Mining survey (2010), the largest survey of data mining professionals in the industry (735 data miners from 60 countries participated). STATISTICA Data

Miner and STATISTICA Text Miner software received top average ratings including the highest rating as the primary predictive analytics tools and also received the highest user satisfaction, and “expectation of continued use” ratings of any competing software products.

Data Miners were highly satisfied with STATISTICA because of its:

    Quality and accuracy of model performance

    Variety of available algorithms

    Strong graphical visualization of models

    Ease of use

    Ability to handle very large data sets

Scoring new data with a predictive analytics model was also addressed in the survey. STATISTICA users have many robust and diverse options. For example, data can be scored inside of an Oracle, SQL Server, or Teradata database. Data can also be scored within
STATISTICA Data Miner or in STATISTICA Enterprise.

The combination of STATISTICA Enterprise and STATISTICA Data Miner is a very powerful and flexible solution. Analyses can be defined once and used by many people. Security is "roles based", so that the right people get the reports.

Karl Rexer has presented these survey results at the Predictive Analytics World in Washington, DC.

STATISTICA Data Miner has also recently received top ratings in the user surveys conducted by KDD Nuggets and by Analytic Bridge. STATISTICA Credit Scoring solution (driven by STATISTICA Data Miner) was used to win the prestigious PAKDD 2010 Data Mining Competition. PAKDD is an international credit scoring competition and is one of the most famous data mining competitions.

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