New WebmasterRadio.FM Introduces New Show: Marketing Nirvana

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( – WebmasterRadio.FM, the premier free, 24/7 Internet business radio network focused on the B2B marketplace introduces a new monthly radio series that rings individuals involved in online marketing that boasts “to help listeners be driven closer to finding their own personal ‘marketing nirvana’”.

“The show will focus on all types of internet marketing information, with a bent towards PPC,” said Geddes. “We’ll investigate various ways on which your marketing efforts can reach the state of nirvana.”

Brad is the author of Advanced Google AdWords, the most advanced book ever written about AdWords. Brad is one of the first Google Advertising Professionals and Microsoft adExcellence members. He was the first advanced AdWords Seminar Leader and works directly with Google to conduct AdWords seminars. He has written extensively about internet marketing for more than a decade.

On the premiere episode, Brad welcomes Rob Lenderman, one of the co-founders of BoostCTR and Ryan Healy, BoostCTR’s Director of Writer Development to discuss ad copy writing and how they examine their work via a method of crowdsourcing. Show notes on the radio series as well as reference items can be viewed at The episode is now available on its WebmasterRadio.FM show page (

Listeners are able to interact with their questions and comments to the host and guests for each interview, as well as all live WebmasterRadio.FM programming, by:

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“Marketing Nirvana” airs every first Monday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific on http://www.WebmasterRadio.FM. Episodes are archived on WebmasterRadio.FM, as well as on iTunes and other premier podcast portals.

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