Network Peering Services Provider, LINX, Surpasses Peak Traffic Milestone

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London, United Kingdom – (The Hosting News) – January 3, 2008 – The London Internet Exchange (LINX), has reached major milestones, by exceeding 200 Gigabits per second of peak Internet traffic. In addition, LINX has reached an all-time high of 280 members using 570 connected member ports (including a record of 80 ultra-fast 10GigE ports).

The increase in membership numbers in particular demonstrates the high level of confidence and trust that the industry places in LINX. Five years ago member numbers stood at just 120 with peak traffic at 13.5 Gigabits per second. With membership numbers more than doubling and an incredible 1500% increase in traffic, the future for LINX is looking very rosy indeed.

John Souter, Chief Executive Officer of LINX remarked, ”These stats show that peering is an increasingly attractive proposition despite the availability of low transit pricing. Achieving 280 members is really significant, as critical mass is the most important factor to the success of an Internet exchange. The recent surge in the number of member 10GigE ports show how important peering is to even the largest network operators.”

LINX now has members in over 40 countries and territories. It is interesting to note that while a large proportion of members come from the traditional LINX heartland of Europe, the gap with the rest of the world is beginning to close. Nearly a quarter of all members are now based outside Europe with those in North America equating to 14.7% with a further 7.5% coming from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

LINX recently presented its Conspicuous Contribution Award, to Dr Richard Clayton, an academic at Cambridge University and consultant for LINX member, THUS plc (incorporating founding LINX member, Demon Internet). The presentation was made during the recent LINX member meeting at the Goodenough College in London in November and judging by the warm reception given to Dr. Clayton by the delegates, it was a very popular decision indeed. The ‘Conspicuous Contribution’ prize was first given in 2006 to Nigel Titley of Easynet who was a LINX council member from its 1994 formation through to 2006.

LINX is a mutual organization owned and consisting of approximately 250 Internet service providers and content delivery service providers. It allows competing networks to exchange Internet traffic cost-effectively, bringing speed and efficiency benefits to their customers. The LINX platform enables access to Internet routes, reaching more countries, than any other public peering point. LINX operates in a regulatory and policy environment that is supportive of network operators and the Internet community, which it strives to maintain and reinforce through its Public Affairs activities. The LINX network includes over 550 connected member ports, over 50 member-facing 10GigE ports, and over 150Gb/sec of peak traffic.

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