NetClarity Reveals Top 10 Cyber crime & war Predictions for 2011

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(The Hosting News) – NetClarity, Inc., the leading provider of Network Access Control technology in the marketplace in partnership with Hakin9 Magazine, today announced the Top Ten Cybercrime and Cyberwar Predictions for 2011:

1.    Retail and E-tail Outlet Attacks will Outpace Attacks Targeting Banks and Financial Institutions while Hospitals become the Most Exploitable of All Vertical Markets. 2.    Cloud Computin

2.    Cloud Computing and Virtual Machines (VM) will be specifically targeted by cybercriminals and cyberterrorists resulting in VM malware and Cloud ‘downtime’ and Cloud ‘data theft’.

3.    New and Innovative Attacks will be launched against Critical Infrastructure by Rogue and Competitive Nations.

4.    We’ll enter the Early Stage of Growing Cell Phone and PDA Attacks through Trusted Application Downloads.

5.    New and Sophisticated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Attacks will be developed and launched.

6.    Exponential Growth of More Intelligent Zero-day Malware both for Cybercrime and Cyberwar

7.    New Sophisticated UTM Firewall and IPS Exploits will be launched.

8.    More Creative Social Engineering for Cyber Crime Profits will take place.

9.    Increases in Microsoft Windows Application Layer Vulnerabilities will lead towards their rapid exploitation.

10.    Growing Privacy Right Violations by Governments and their Contractors in the name of Cyber Defense will take place.

“Based on my research, 2011 is going to be both an explosive year both in cybercrime and cyberwar. It’s going to get very ugly. Network Security professionals will be in great demand and have their jobs cut out for them next year,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Founder & CTO, NetClarity, Inc.

“We’re pleased to have Mr. Miliefsky available exclusively to Hakin9 Magazine writing insightful articles including Securing the Cloud, Securing VoIP, Is Anti-virus Dead for our magazine,” said Karolina Lesinska, “In today’s well timed article; he has made some dramatic and profound predictions for 2011. Network Security professionals, IT Directors and CIOs should take heed and proactively harden their networks before this wave of new predicted attacks.”

About NetClarity, Inc.

NetClarity is the leading provider of Network Access Control technology in the marketplace. We have been developing patented intrusion defense technology using industry standard protocols, since 2003. This EasyNAC technology is portable and scalable and can be embedded and deployed in any form factor of hardware, typically running hardened Linux – such as a Wireless Router, Cable Modem, Firewall, Managed Switch and VPN hardware. We license this technology for turnkey NAC enablement in well-established industry partners solutions, worldwide. NetClarity has also deployed this EasyNAC technology in a scalable suite of industry standard rack-mountable hardware appliances, known as “NACwalls”, which are sold through channel partners and OEMs worldwide. For more information, visit us at

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