Michigan Colocation: Making Long Distance Colocation Easy

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(The Hosting News) – A company’s IT infrastructure can be considered the glue that holds a company together, which is why it is crucial to the success of a business that it runs smoothly. A managed colocation data center can deliver a distinct advantage because of the immense benefits that go along with outsourcing part, or all, of a company’s IT infrastructure.

By choosing the right colocation data center partner, a company can ensure the proper security and reliability for their IT infrastructure. However, finding the right location for data center hosting can present a challenge. Factors that come into play typically include: proximity to company headquarters, disaster risk and price. Michigan’s low risk for natural disasters and cool, mild climate make it an ideal hosting location for data centers.

Until recently, the advantages of Michigan data centers meant little to companies across the country because of the inconvenience of installing and managing their servers to a location far from their business. However, some Michigan colocation providers have removed these obstacles with a set of hassle-free colocation options for clients near and far.

Some Michigan colocation providers have made it easy to ship servers directly to them for installation and easy to manage those servers remotely without ever setting foot in the colocation facility. Michigan colocation services like server “rack and stack” simplify clients’ data center migration and managed colocation makes it easy to outsource server management to a remote colocation provider. Services like remote monitoring and web-based portals make it easy to manage the IT infrastructure over the Internet.

A great example of a Michigan colocation service is “Rack and Stack”, a server installation service designed to eliminate the difficulties of installing a company’s servers at a data center located far from their place of business. The Rack and Stack service includes:

  • Rack design and layout
  • Receiving and uncrating the servers
  • Inventorying, labeling and recording all server serial numbers
  • Professional assembly and rack mounting
  • All power and network cables required
  • Intra-cabinet cabling as specified
  • Fully documented cable list
  • Final documentation of layout and cable runs
  • Rack layout digital pictures

Typically, every step listed above is carried out according to each company’s exact specifications. All documented colocation rack design layout information and digital pictures are provided to each company in order to simplify ongoing support and ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

With this new service, clients never have to set foot in the data centers and yet can enjoy complete visibility of their server installation. This makes it easy and even more appealing to use a Michigan colocation data center facility from anywhere in the country. The need to send IT technicians to Michigan for the installation is eliminated, saving time and money. In addition, oftentimes the resulting rack is much better laid out, wired, and documented than the client had before the move.

Moving to a top-tier Michigan colocation data center facility has never been easier. With server rack and stack, managed colocation, remote monitoring and web-based portals, companies can maintain focus on their core IT mission instead of being concerned about the unpredictability that typically comes with data center migration. Michigan colocation installation professionals are knowledgeable, helpful and experienced in making the move and server management a seamless, simple process and eliminating the normal concern of whether the job is being done right.

The top Michigan colocation data centers can deliver server colocation more cost effectively, more reliably, and with a Midwest work ethic that is rarely available at other data centers across the country. Now any company can take advantage of these benefits and leverage Michigan colocation no matter where it conducts its business.

Source: Michigan Colocation: Making Long Distance Colocation Easy

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