Marketing Experts & Author Team Up To Launch New Marketing Firm

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( – Two online marketing experts have joined forces to launch a new marketing firm focused on helping companies integrate their marketing efforts. Rebecca Ryan, a Search Marketing and Keyword Research & Tools expert and Liana “Li” Evans a Search & Social Media Marketing expert and award winning author of the social media marketing book entitled Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media have formedLiBeck Integrated Marketing with offices in the Philadelphia, PA and Los Angeles, CA areas.

“Companies are continually looking to become more efficient and smart about their marketing strategies. Rather than employing 10 different vendors to manage each channel of their marketing strategies, companies are now looking to one or two companies to pull it all together for them. Our team’s combined expertise allows LiBeck Integrated Marketing to fill that need for companies looking to integrate their marketing efforts,” explained Rebecca Ryan, the company’s COO and co-founder.

LiBeck Integrated Marketing focuses on creating strategies that allow channels like email, pay per click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media as one of its primary marketing services that they offer to clients. Using audience research to help their clients formulate the right tactics to create effective cross channel marketing strategies is at the foundation of how the company works with their clients.

“After Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & other Social Media published in June, the consistent theme I heard from readers, conference attendees and customers was ‘How Do We Pull This All Together Effectively?’ That’s when Rebecca and I decided to join together and work with clients to do just that. There’s a real need out there and our expertise in these channels helps our clients in creating cohesive strategies,” commented Liana Li” Evans, the CEO and co-founder of LiBeck Integrated Marketing.

Along with working with clients directly the team at LiBeck Integrated Marketing also offers online marketing trainingin the various marketing channels like Social Media, SEO & PPC. In addition they offer training in areas such as: Web Analytics, Audience Research, Content Creation, Digital Asset Optimization, Integrated Marketing Efforts, and Public Relations & Reputation Management.

LiBeck Integrated Marketing’s staff is also slated to speak at several industry events such as Search Engine Strategies in both London and New York where Li Evans will also be conducting social media training. Li also is an adjunct professor to Rutgers University Mini MBA Program where she specializes in teaching students about Social Media Marketing, Integrated Marketing & Audience Research.

“We partner with different companies to provide customized and specifically tailored training for their employees.” Evans went on to explain “While companies are looking to integrate their marketing efforts their also looking to cross train their staff on these disciplines and that’s where we make the difference in training because we actually succeed at doing this every day.”

The team at LiBeck Integrated Marketing also provides private event speaking with their next events being in Charleston, SC and San Diego, CA for different vertical markets such as the travel and hospitality industry.

To book Liana “Li” Evans for speaking events or to inquire about LiBeck’s integrated marketing services or training, inquiries can be made to the company’s website ( To keep up with the company’s latest happening interested parties can follow the team at their blog on the website or on Facebook (http://www.facebookcom/LiBeckIntegratedMarketing).

About LiBeck Integrated Marketing 

LiBeck Integrated Marketing ( is a digital marketing agency created by Co-Founders Rebecca Ryan and Liana “Li” Evans at the tail end of 2010. LiBeck IM (the company’s nickname) was created after both Rebecca and Li joined forces with the idea to help businesses of all sizes and all types succeed in integrating their online marketing efforts cohesively together, rather than looking at each marketing channel in a segmented manner.

With over 25 years combined experience in the online marketing industry, LiBeck Integrated Marketing uses that expertise to formulate successful marketing strategies that use cross channel tactics as well as providing customized & tailored training for their clients.

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