Licensed ZapThink Architect Boot Camp in Seattle, Washington

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(The Hosting News) – ZapThink today announces the availability of registration for its popular Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) Boot Camp in Seattle, Washington from February 28 – March 3, 2011. This new version features extensive new and updated content, expanding beyond the core Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) focus of the course, to include Cloud Computing.

“Most of the information available today on Cloud Computing is little more than vendor hype,” said Jason Bloomberg, course developer and trainer, and Managing Partner with ZapThink, LLC. “The LZA Boot Camp focuses on the knowledge and skills architects and other professionals must have to properly plan for and implement Cloud-based solutions, free from vendor spin.”

In this four-day SOA and Cloud training course, attendees will get hands-on experience and expertise in how to implement the latest SOA and Cloud Computing best practices and methods. Learn about Cloud Governance, Service modeling, Service domains, SOA infrastructure planning, SOA Quality, Governance, and Management, developing a SOA Roadmap, SOA ROI and Business Planning, SOA Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics, SOA security and performance optimization, SOA policy management, Composite Services and Business Process, Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBAs), and Mashups. Hear about notable SOA case studies and get hands-on guidance in making SOA work. And, once you complete this course you will become a credentialed Licensed ZapThink Architect.

The ZapThink LZA SOA and Cloud training and certification program in Seattle ( running from February 28 – March 3, 2011 offers the following benefits:

An annual credential that allows ZapThink to endorse individual architects as having specific SOA skills Posting onto an LZA Directory that enables companies to research and locate architects to assist with their SOA-specific needs Opportunity to contribute to ZapThink’s online research and content

What makes the LZA SOA & Cloud Architecture Boot Camp so special?

Vendor independent — We discuss vendors in context, both good and bad. You get a balanced perspective on each vendor we discuss.

Architect focused — The course concentrates on what architects have to do to be successful with SOA in their own organizations. We balance technology details with organizational approaches. If you’re not an architect you’ll learn how to think like one in this class!

Practical — we connect theory to practice with what really works in organizations like yours.

Current — we refresh the course on a regular basis to reflect the latest SOA and Cloud best practices, as well as how SOA relates to other architectural challenges in the enterprise.

Enterprise context — SOA is an approach to organizing enterprise IT resources to meet changing business needs. We place SOA into the context of large organizations, with complex, heterogeneous IT environments and all the politics and bureaucracy that every large organization faces.

Globally recognized certification — Everybody who completes the LZA SOA Boot Camp obtains a certificate representing their LZA credential, giving you the right to call yourself a Licensed ZapThink Architect with all the privileges that come along with this exclusive credential.

Led by globally recognized SOA thought leader — All ZapThink’s courses are developed and led by Jason Bloomberg, ZapThink Managing Partner. Jason has been an analyst with ZapThink since 2001 and is the co-author of Service Orient or Be Doomed!

Not too technical, not too high-level — Unlike courses offered by others, we cover the technology without getting lost in the details. We discuss the big picture but connect it to the day-to-day reality of the IT shop.

Available around the world — See the ZapThink site for all the locations we’re offering the LZA SOA Boot Camp!

For more information and to register for this LZA Boot camp, visit For more information on all LZA courses, see…. Early bird discounts are available for most sessions for a limited time. Seats are limited to only 45 people per LZA boot camp, and ZapThink expects certain boot camp dates and locations to sell out.

About ZapThink, LLC

Founded in October 2000, ZapThink, LLC ( is an information technology strategy advisory firm. As a recognized authority and master of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Architecture, ZapThink provides its audience of IT practitioners, consultants, and technology vendors with practical advice, guidance, education, and mentorship solutions that assist companies in leveraging architecture to meet their business needs and presenting viable solutions to the market. We provide this audience a clear roadmap for standards-based, loosely coupled distributed computing – a vision of IT meeting the needs of the agile business.

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