THN-Kaseya Buys Cloud Monitor Zyrion

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(The Hosting News) – IT provider Kaseya announced on Tuesday that it had purchased cloud monitoring company Zyrion for an undisclosed amount.

Yogesh Gupta, CEO of Kaseya had this to say regarding the move: “We see significant demand from the industry for the ability to proactively and easily monitor new IT environments, including cloud and virtualization. Moreover, monitoring and managing the entire IT infrastructure from a business service view is extremely powerful in these hybrid environments. We believe Zyrion has built a market-leading product to meet this demand. The combination of these best of breed technologies will dramatically increase the value proposition for customers and will further drive Kaseya’s growth and success.”

Zyrion’s solutions include monitoring support for cloud, scaliable networks, enterprise data and more.

Source: Kaseya Buys Cloud Monitor Zyrion

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