Introducing LeadMaster’s Improved Outlook Synchronization

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(The Hosting News) – Using the new Outlook integration features, LeadMaster Lead Management CRM users may sync LeadMaster and Outlook contacts bi-directionally, log email correspondence in their LeadMaster database and sync calendar activities back and forth between the LeadMaster Lead Management CRM and Outlook. This latest update is compatible with Office 2010.

These product enhancements further allow LeadMaster users to ramp up productivity and reduce inconsistencies due to double entry and/or lack of data.

The Outlook Integration module is a separately installed application that adds a “Send & Log” or simply “Log” button to the various email views in Outlook. This minimizes the need for extra mouse clicks, saving time and making logging processes easier and more user-friendly.

Each email that is selected to be logged in the system is then associated with a specific record in the user’s database. Those email addresses, which the system could not place to a specific LeadMaster contact, are then placed in a “File Cabinet,” which the user can access to file them manually. This allows for no lost information and ensures proper placement of all valuable data.

Another aspect of the Outlook integration is the Outlook calendar synchronization. With the calendar sync, all activities are stored bi-directionally in both Outlook and LeadMaster. LeadMaster’s built-in scheduling system can be configured to alert users to important callbacks, appointments and demonstrations, improving productivity and reducing both double entry errors and missed opportunities.

Regarding such synchronization enhancements, LeadMaster’s CEO, Russ King states, “These product enhancements came with a lot of sleepless nights on our engineers’ part but with great enthusiasm company-wide. With these improvements, users reduce double-entry, time wasted, and human error while drastically improving productivity and effectiveness. And we’re confident that all LeadMaster Outlook users will experience that first-hand.”

About LeadMaster

LeadMaster offers a variety of cloud-computing software solutions:

  • Sales Lead Management CRM Software – Everything you need in one easy-to-use online web-based application.
  • Lead-Xpress – A revolutionary new way for sales reps to receive and update sales leads.
  • Lead-Xtreme – It’s like caller-ID for your website. Website visitor info flows into LeadMaster CRM in real-time.
  • LeadMaster Voice – Click to call, power dialing and virtual phone switch integrated with LeadMaster CRM.
  • Call Center Solutions – Combining LeadMaster solutions provides a complete virtual call center system.

LeadMaster’s on-demand customizable SaaS solutions combine sales lead management software, lead tracking solutions, sales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (Sales CRM), LeadMaster Voice solutions and virtual call center solutions. This powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry.

The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM solution is intuitive and easy to use, providing real-time lead capture, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead nurturing, custom reporting and email marketing. LeadMaster makes it easy to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source – landing page, call center, webinar, sales lead suppliers and more.

The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM product is straightforward and easy to learn yet has robust features like workflow automation, round-robin lead distribution, mobile access, CRM analytics and now improved Outlook integration.

LeadMaster products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers, consultants and system integrators.

For more information visit or call 800-699-4164.

Source: Introducing LeadMaster’s Improved Outlook Synchronization

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