Internet Marketing Program Released To Help Understand Social Media

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( – Throughout this past year, it was hard not to notice social media. News of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social marketing tools filled every newspaper, magazine, and television show available. Yet as much exposure as social media seemed to receive, for some, it simply added more questions to an ever-growing list.

“While many large companies showcased how they were using social sites to their advantage, many smaller local businesses were left wondering what to do,” stated Lori Osterberg, co-founder of, a site focused on helping small, local businesses with internet marketing. “With little time and energy left at the end of their already busy days, local business owners are beginning to feel left behind. They know they need to learn how to use social marketing tools, yet have no idea where to begin.” hopes to change that with the release of provides local business owners with an easy, affordable way to learn how to navigate the social media world. Through a 12 week step by step video training program, small local business owners can watch videos at their convenience, and learn exactly how to implement a campaign to reach out to new customers.

“Each week we release a series of short, detailed videos. At their convenience, a business owner can sit down and watch a video, and immediately put it into action. If they don’t understand an idea, they simply watch the video again,” stated Osterberg. “We concentrate on providing only the steps that will help take a business to the next level, and bypass the longwinded descriptions. We’ve perfected the program by using it within our own business, and are now sharing our best tips through this video training program.”

The Social Ghost Training provides over 180 detailed videos over the course of the 12 week program. The program starts at the beginning, and provides detailed steps on how to sign up for accounts, then becomes more focused by helping a business owner understand how to use the accounts, and how to automate and accomplish a variety of tasks in the shortest time possible. Local businesses that are reaching out to customers within a 25-mile radius of their office or retail location will quickly learn how to network online, and begin building relationships using tools like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Instead of guessing at what to do next, the 12 week program will walk through specific steps to take, and show you how to implement each step along the way.

“I understand business owners are busy. When you run your own business, you wear every hat, and have little time left over to spend hours learning and perfecting new skills. We take the learning curve down to a manageable level, and get right to the heart of what needs to be done,” stated Osterberg.

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