Google Claims China Blocking Gmail

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(The Hosting News) – Google, Inc. recently charged the Chinese government of blocking its Gmail services which has been making it difficult for locals to access the site.

Many people inside the country have been complaining past week saying they’ve had difficulty accessing their account or sending email. Even the Person Finder application seems to have connectivity restraints, which was set up to help people locate their missing relative during the aftermath of a disaster such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Google first became aware of the problem just a few weeks ago and has checked into the issue and reports that there are no technical issues on its

side. Their security blog continues to state, “This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.” In another part of the blog they state “we’ve noticed some highly targeted and apparently politically motivated attacks against our users. We believe activists may have been a specific target.”

Source: Google Claims China Blocking Gmail

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