ETTSI Releases New Electronic Incentives Program

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(The Hosting News) – ETTSI Incentive Premiums, a leading provider of Travel Certificates, Sales Incentives, and Employee Rewards, today released a completely new Electronic Incentives Program.

ETTSI is constantly on the lookout for trends in consumer interest and then offers these high demand items as incentives to their clients as a way to help them build interest their business.

Over the last 6 months there has been a shift away from the conventional desktop and laptop computers to new, powerful handheld devices. GPS products have also increased substantially in demand as their expanded features now appeal to a much broader audience. During the same time, all of these types of products have dropped rapidly in price allowing ETTSI to offer a new series of Electronic Incentive Certificates and Hard Premiums for products that consumers see as high value items but are now actually very reasonable in price.

“This is our magic formula for creating incentives,” quips Frank Betalli, President and CEO of ETTSI. “We seek out the kinds of items that most people would love to have and put them within their reach knowing they will go out of their way to get them.”

ETTSI’s Electronic Incentives Program consist of 3 computer related products, 3 GPS related products, and 2 Blue-ray DVD players. The computers are a Windows Netbook, an Android Tablet PC and an E-book Reader. The GPS products are a Child Locator, a Car Tracker and a Car Navigation System. The Blue-ray players offer the latest in technology including WIFI and HDTV.

Businesses that participate in this program have the ability to control costs in several different ways. These incentives can be used as fully paid hard premiums that are drop shipped directly to the consumer or as certificates where the consumer shares in a portion of the cost of the product by paying an activation fee and the shipping and handling charges. No inventory is held by the business so there is no risk of shrinkage or handling damages and all warranty claims are handled by the distribution center. Detailed information about ETTSI’s Electronics Incentives Program, including all terms and conditions, is available by visiting For additional information about ETTSI and their broad range of incentive premiums products, you may visit or contact Frank Bertalli at PR(at)ETTSI(dot)com or call 1-866-224-9650.


ETTSI is registered in the states of Florida, California and Nevada as a Seller of Travel. FL#ST22752, CA#ST2065118-40, NV#2006-0132, offering a full service travel agency as well as many travel and cruise packages in the form of travel certificates. For more than 19 years ETTSI has lead the sales incentives industry with unique programs and products always striving to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the sales organizations they serve. Through the sale of their certificates, ETTSI provides travel accommodations to 1000′s of travelers each year garnering them preferred pricing and preferences with airlines, motels, and many other travel related services. Please visit for more information about the company and its products and services.

Source: ETTSI Releases New Electronic Incentives Program

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