THN-Deadline Looms for Go Daddy .ME Scholarship

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(The Hosting News) – With a looming March 30 deadline, top domain registrar Go Daddy on Thursday urged prospective applicants to go ahead and apply for the company’s .ME scholarship.

Up to ten winners will receive $10,000 scholarships each after composing 500-word essays centered around “how the Internet or Internet technology has helped them and how they envision benefiting from it in the future.”

Despite the urge for new applications, Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving in a press release described 2013’s applicants as “off-the-chart” and “wicked smart.”

Irving continued, “We’re seeing compelling stories from conventional technology students, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners … all looking for a little help with their college tuition. If you’re a college student who is passionate about technology, let’s hear your story. In our eyes, you are our future employees, customers and industry leaders.”

Go Daddy’s scholarship program was formed back in 2010.

Source: Deadline Looms for Go Daddy .ME Scholarship

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