Cyberattack Hits Large Amount of Web Sites

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(The Hosting News) – Security firm Websence recently detected a mass-injection attack that could possibly affect millions of web sites.  The number of sites hit numbered in the hundreds of thousands and is being categorized as possibly one of the largest attacks in cyber history.  The mass injection began with the domain and used SQL to attack sites with malicious script.

The way in which sites were compromised by the attack happened when web users were presented with an option to install Windows Stability Center, a fake virus program.  This was done after users were redirected to a rogue AV site, which contained the ability to add the malicious scripts.  Many of the sites affected included iTunes’ URLs.

Websense originally detected the mass attack on March 29th using malware detection methods.  Users are urged to avoid the installation of any web-based anti-virus software that pops up on their computer screens.  Free file checking site VirusTotal estimates that only 40% of anti-virus software programs are able to detect this virus.  Internet analysts speculate that the attack could continue on for some time.

Source: Cyberattack Hits Large Amount of Web Sites

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