Bux4Real Experiences Unforeseen Hacker Attacks

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(The Hosting News) – After one more heavy hackers attack that happened a few hours ago, the Bux4Real Team keep its promise to revolutionize the Bux industry with their new money making concept! Bux4Real creator, Mr. Tony Rocha, will keep that promise by any possible means.

According to Mr. Bob Rock – Customer Support Director, “It proves once more that we are considered a real competitive threat by the scammers out there. Within the last few hours we have been targeted by unforeseen heavy hacker attacks.”

Bux4Real innovative concept system is again proven to be undesirable for the so called competition.

Exception to a few trusted companies, of course.

Mr. Bob Rock said “The system is proven to be undesirable for the so called competition. Why? Because they know that if we succeed, they die! As simple as that.”

Despite the fact that the damages are considerable and part of our backup databases have been affected as well, the team members of Bux4Real are as we speak working round the clock on recovering as much as possible from the lost data,and they are positive that they will be able to limit the effects of this criminal action, according Mr. Mayur Gondaliya – CTO.

They have reassured their devoted and trustful members that they are working harder than ever and they would NOT disappoint them.

Bob Rock also mentioned, “As a consequence of this infamous action, some of our users will have to register their accounts again, but we reassure them that none of the promised benefits will be lost.”

Mr Rocha said, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride…” Team of Bux4Real believes that no beggar out there would ever be able to ride the Bux4Real wild horse and they are too wild and too strong for any of them!

The top management and support team has asked to accept the apologies for the damages generated by this unfortunate event.

They have decided to allow an extra time window to all the affected users and their referral to reenter their account into the system. The management team announced that the system would be back to normal, in its new version, up and running the latest on April 5th.

They have decided to show their members more than ever determination to break the boundaries of the classic bux concept, but also to come up with another unbeatable reward for the honest and faithful members.

Tony Rocha said in his letter to the members “After 5th of April, the first 40,000 members will be credited in their accounts rental balance $10 each! That’s right! We are now doubling the reward and extending it to 40k members.”

The team believes that their loyal members are here, with them, for better or worse…

They express their gratitude for the trust and understanding, and asked everyone to be rest assured that they will be here, fighting with no mercy for the ones that tried to steal their dreams away!

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Source: Bux4Real Experiences Unforeseen Hacker Attacks

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