Introduces Cheap R1Soft Backup Solution

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(The Hosting News) – UK web hosting provider has introduced a new secure backup solution powered by R1soft. In the web hosting industry, data backups play a crucial role in the selection of hosting companies by customers. Customers are most apprehensive about the safety of their data and thus, they select the company which they feel offers them the best and most reliable data security and data back up solution.

Bodhost UK is a leading web hosting solutions provider in the UK known for the range of top quality hosting products and services on offer. The company has announced that all the backup architecture will now be deployed using R1Soft CDP backup technology. Compatible with both Windows and Linux servers, this is one of the best backup software available in the industry today.

R1Soft CDP is a highly effective system that takes continuous backups, providing hundreds of recovery points per day scheduled as little as 5 or 10 minutes apart. In the event of a server failure, R1Soft restores all the data and settings and the server can be back up within a couple of hours.

“We are offering our customers a solid, full proof backup solution that makes the best use of R1Soft technology.” says Sean Barron, marketing manager for Bodhost UK. He further explains, “Our technical team has developed this unique backup solution that ensures double safety for your data. All the data backup taken using R1Soft CDP is deployed in a mirrored server architecture. This ensures 100% uptime for your data with high availability and solid security.”

The company believes that this combination has given their data backup service an extra edge. As an added attraction, this secure backup service comes at a very low price of only 8 GBP per month per agent. Clients who purchase  Bodhost UK  dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting or Windows VPS hosting plans can avail  R1Soft secure backup solution at this special price.

Bodhost UK claims that with their customized secure data backup solutions, clients will never have to worry about their data backup or security. They have the technical expertise and market experience to back their claim. As one of the leading and popular hosting companies in the UK, this latest innovation from Bodhost UK holds great promise for its clients.

Source: Introduces Cheap R1Soft Backup Solution

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