THN-Bluehost Faces Network Outage During Hardware Maintenance

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(The Hosting News) – Web hosting provider Bluehost on Friday suffered downtime after facing what the company said was an “unexpected issue” while carrying out maintenance on its network.

A report from Dotcom-Monitor described the incident as a “global network outage,” noting users received an error message when attempting to access the web host’s online presence.

The downtime, which began at 9AM eastern time, reportedly affected thousands of the company’s hosted websites.

Via its official blog, Bluehost described the problem as such: “On August 2, 2013, during routine hardware maintenance which doesn’t typically affect customers, we experienced unexpected network issues. Hardware failures, including our core routers, cascaded into further issues causing downtime and instability. Our response team jumped into action and worked tirelessly alongside hardware vendors to restore connectivity as quickly as possible.”

Bluehost also apologized and said it was conducting a review of what had caused the failure.

It appears things were quickly fixed, however. As of Saturday, accessing the web host’s website worked fine as the company said the issue had been resolved.

Source: Bluehost Faces Network Outage During Hardware Maintenance

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