Bitrix Site Manager Helps Manage Peak Traffic and Prevent DDoS Attacks

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(The Hosting News) – Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business communications, introduces its TrafficJuggler™ load balancing technology, which effectively addresses customers’ needs for online business continuity. It delivers industry-leading performance capable of handling traffic spikes caused by extreme visitor activity or by targeted DDoS attacks.

“Sudden traffic spikes and web terrorism are common realities that threaten online business continuity. To cope with this challenge, we continuously improve our products’ performance capabilities, resulting in a stunning figure of 430% growth over the past three years,” said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.

The latest independent performance testing of Bitrix Site Manager revealed it is capable of managing up to 85 million requests per day for websites running on modest hardware, while maintaining acceptable response time and fault-tolerance. This extreme performance indicator derives from Bitrix’ unique combination of HTML caching, database interaction and data compression techniques along with an integrated performance monitor providing real-time performance statistics and advice for improvements.

Thanks to TrafficJuggler™, Bitrix Site Manager effectively solves bottlenecks while handling huge amounts of traffic without performance regression and providing visitors a high-quality website experience. At the same time, website owners can significantly reduce costs associated with hardware rental and the involvement of qualified staff since the majority of fine tuning of performance can be done by non tech-savvy users in-house.

Recent confirmation of Bitrix Site Manager’s outstanding performance capabilities was apparent in the sustained operation of the Svyaznoj online shop, one of the largest Russian retailers with 1,900 shops all around the country. During the peak shopping season in December 2010, their website successfully processed up to 200,000 unique visitors per day performing resource-hungry operations like online shopping.

Coupled with PRO+PRO™ security frameworkTrafficJuggler™ also serves as an ideal tool for balancing malicious traffic ensuring normal operation of websites. “Many websites receive a great deal of attention from the computer underworld. Bitrix Site Manager’s performance capabilities and integrated web application firewall allow repulsion of many attacks with its native traffic balancing technology and without the need to resort to special third-party tools,” said Marcel Nizam, Head of Web Security Development at Bitrix.

Source: Bitrix Site Manager Helps Manage Peak Traffic and Prevent DDoS Attacks

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