Best San Diego Breakfast Restaurants near HostingCon

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Let’s say you’re at HostingCon Global 2015 in San Diego, and at the end of the first day you find yourself in conversation with a fellow executive or decision maker about a possible partnership. You can start the next day with a breakfast meeting, and you can even set it up with HostingCon Connect; but where do you go?

Richard Walker’s Pancake House is a critically acclaimed local institution, about a four minute walk from the San Diego Convention Center and the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina. To some extent, the name says it all, but for clarity’s sake let’s say its famous for pancakes, but also serves eggs done fancy or plain, waffles, and selections “from the creperie.” It’s open at 6:30 each morning, and does not take reservations.



Almost as close by is Cafe 222, which certainly has the funkiest website of the field. It also has a menu of “Quirky American Cuisine.” There are, for example, the pumpkin waffles and the Food Network-featured peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast. They’ve been known to serve coffee to people waiting in long lineups. Open every day at 7.

A similarly-named alternative is Cafe 21, which is a twelve minute walk away, and is known as more of a brunch spot, in no small part because it does not open until 8:00. The Cafe 21 specialty is a take on Eggs Benedict, and they also offer a wide variety of omelettes, pancakes and crepes, and lunch items. Most of the menu will be familiar, but you will not see the prosciutto crepe and chia seed yogurt parfait elsewhere.

The Marriott Marquis also features several breakfast options. The Marriott offers “Grab-n-go” breakfasts for only $6, and hot breakfasts for $9. The award-winning Marina Kitchen restaurant features an extensive breakfast buffet (the short rib hash caught my eye), perfect for those planning to work through lunch or who maybe networked into the wee hours the night before. The buffet is pricier, but includes bottomless Starbucks coffee plus one to go.

A little further afield, perhaps for those whose discussions are best kept on the down low, everyone agrees that The Mission is worth the wait. The consistently delicious lunches and breakfasts range from strawberry granola pancakes to Latino breakfast plates, and include a gluten free menu. The lineups are consistent as well, and The Mission is almost nine miles away from the Marriott, so the drive will be close to twenty minutes even without traffic. Open at 7, no reso’s.

These are by no means the only good breakfast options available to you in the Marina and Gaslamp areas of San Diego. Check out a few of the suggestions on local sites, (the UrbanSpoon map is a great reference) and you’ll be all set to get a little early face-time, try out some local flavour, and fuel up for HostingCon.

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