THN-A Smarter TV: HP Sells WebOS to LG

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(The Hosting News) – Electronics giant HP has finally found a buyer for its WebOS software – an operating system used to power the now defunct HP TouchPad.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed in a press release.

LG is the buyer and the company appears to have big plans for platform, on Monday signaling that it would use WebOS to help power its Smart TV Offering.

“The open and transparent webOS technology offers a compelling user experience that, when combined with our own technology, will pave the way for future innovations using the latest Web technologies,” noted LG CTO Skott Ahn in a press release.

Included in the acquisition are WebOS’s source code, WebOS-related websites, and even what LG calls “engineering talent.”

Ahn continued, “Integrated with LG, this team will be the heart and soul of the new LG Silicon Valley Lab, focused on bringing innovative technology solutions to market through the most popular platforms for sharing and consuming content and experiences.”

WebOS became part of HP in 2011 for $1.2 billion via an acquisition with device developer Palm.

HP previously announced it would stop supporting WebOS devices in August of 2011- just a bit over one month after the release of the company HP TouchPad. The news led to significant promo sales for the TouchPad, leading to the product’s sellout at retail locations including Best Buy.

Source: A Smarter TV: HP Sells WebOS to LG

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